Have you ever heard of the $100 OG Marijuana strain? This specific product of Marijuana is said to conduct a strong and enduring effect on its users, which makes it a top used strain of Marijuana. If one is looking for an effective and strong strain, the $100 OG strain is to be considered. Many of its users have rated this strain to be potent and strong enough to deal with any specific infirmity.

Although it gives out a strong stench that smells of a mixture of skunk and mint, the $100 OG strain is beneficial and will make one endure any health problems and make including problems with productivity. The following are some of the numerous facts about the one-hundred dollar OG strain.


Like mentioned before, this strain gives out a potent skunk and minty smell, which shows the user how strong and beneficial it can be. This strain is potent in both its smell and effects, as this strain delivers an effect that will hit the user very hard.

Because of its powerful effects, this strain is not recommended to first time users or average smokers. But, there are certain special occasions where this heavy strain can be helpful to average users who are in much need of a durable strain.

Medical Uses

According to users, this marijuana strain has a robust pine taste that leaves a lasting after taste throughout the day. This special strain can benefit many people and their symptoms including those with depression, chronic pain, glaucoma, attention deficit disorder, insomnia, and persons with complications that are involved with cancer and AIDS. This strain is grown indoors and is a very powerful hybrid between a Sativa father and an Indica mother.

Its buds come out solid and do not produce many stems, making it a strong smoking option for those who want the best smoke available. Many users have reported that this OG strain is found to be too potent for many users and that only people who are used to heavy products can handle its strength. But like mentioned above, this stable product can be handled and used by people who need a more powerful product for their symptoms. These are just some of the many important facts about the popular $100 OG Strain.

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