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Want to feel the highest you ever been? Want to finally get rid of the pain? Then get to know one of the most powerful strains of OG on the market. This strain will have you wanting more as you take in it’s mind pleasing aroma. Still on the fence? Not sure if it’s for you? Well read on to find out if you need this in your life.

Pure Kush is an OG stain of a medical marijuana that is used for pain therapy and is highly potent. This strain has the appearance of a light green with frost and has some orange strands. The smell of it is very strong, strong enough that one gram can fill the whole room with it’s aroma. There is more to know about pure Kush so let’s talk about it.

Effects on Patients

Pure Kush can help patients dealing with pain, stress, insomnia, depression, nausea, seizures, anger, bipolar disorder, nervous conditions, Alzheimer, Parkinson disease and migraines. The best part of pure Kush is that it’s natural. There can be negative side effects to this strain and those are dry mouth, dry eyes, a paranoid feeling, headache and dizziness.

Pure Kush is thought of to be an easy seed to grow for beginners as well. The flowering time indoors are 8-9 weeks. It can make 900 grams per square meter while only needing under 1000 watts of light per square meter. It needs a temperature of about 75 degrees F. Doesn’t require the person to have much gardening skills.

Several Methods of Delivery

People find different ways to get the effects of Pure Kush. Some people like to use a bong and inhale the smoke. The smoke of Pure Kush is light, clear and smooth and it’s because of that, that makes people choose inhaling the smoke as their way of handling Pure Kush. Now other people will use a blunt to smoke it. The blunt can give people a sense of looking and feeling cool. Now there are even some people usually older who will want to use cigarette papers to smoke Pure Kush. There is no wrong way, it depends on the user.

Now that you’re aware of Pure Kush, the pros and the cons, if it can benefit you, give it a try. This is one powerful strain so it’s not for beginners. But if you handled less powerful ones and need a more intense feeling than this one if just for you!

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If you are looking at purchasing the Blue Dream Strain, you need to know a bit about the marijuana strain and what it is able to do for you. From the medical issues it is able to help to the possible effects and downsides to it, you need to know what to expect, what it is going to do and how your body s going to react. That way, should such an issue take place, you are able to prepare yourself and know what is to come.

Patients Use

Blue Dream Strain is most often used for individuals who are dealing with stress. This is the substantial front runner for individuals who are looking for a calming option. It is also used by those who are dealing with pain and want a natural pain reliever. There are three other o medical issues that Blue Dream Strain is know to assist with, which are depression, insomnia and nausea.


There are five common effects to using the Blue Dream Strain. Most individuals not only experience one of these effects but more than half experience all of the five effects, in some shape or form. It is going to differ slightly, but until you use the Blue Dream Strain for the first time, it is impossible to know exactly what, or how, the five effects are going to alter your personal state.

The most common effect is the feeling of euphoric. Right below this people report feeling uplifted and also creative. A feeling of happiness is the fourth most common effect and finally energetic is the fifth feeling. This is not a strain that is going to make you want to just sit around after you use it. This way, if you do not want to feel tired and drained after using the medicinal marijuana, the Blue Dream Strain is normally going to be an effective option to use.


The most common side effect of using the Blue Dream Strain is dry mouth. Almost everyone who uses it reports a dry mouth feeling. Additionally, almost half of those who use it report dry eyes. About a quarter of the individuals who use the Blue Dream Strain report a feeling of paranoia while about the same also report being dizzy. This is more common with individuals who are using Blue Dream Strain for the first time. Finally, less than 20 percent of users experience a headache after using the Blue Dream Strain.

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Backers to legalize marijuana have been pushing law makers to put forward new laws that put using marijuana on par with consuming alcohol. While it took a considerable amount of time to bring about the process, in recent years there have been several key cities to legalize the usage of marijuana. Denver allows the usage of marijuana and several different states offer the right to purchase marijuana if it is for medical purposes. However, more cities and states are required in order to completely legalize the the plant throughout the country. Every single state and city now counts and can become another piece in the eventual game of dominos. Portland, Main has the opportunity to be the next city to support marijuana usage, so law makers from across the country are monitoring the situation in order to see how voters support the proposed law change.

Unlike other cities outside of Denver and a few others, the upcoming vote on November 5 is not for the legalization of medicinal marijuana. Instead, it is to legalize recreational marijuana. There are many stipulations attached to this law, which requires a buyer to be over the age of 21 in order to buy and possess the product, in addition to only being able to buy and sell plants under 2.5 ounces.

There are strong national implications behind this upcoming vote in Portland. If Portland approves the recreational usage of the plant, it is going to signal another city that has moved forward with the passing of the new law, which could possibly help other cities and states to eventually do the same thing.

Currently, there are no organizations opposing the passage of the law, although some law enforcement organizations are speaking out against it. The police department in Portland, Maine is suggesting the department already does not arrest individuals who are caught with under 2.5 ounces in possession, but instead it suggests that it could possible tell younger children that it is alright to use the product, and even introduce, what the police department is stating, a new Big Tobacco could spring up in the state. However, if marijuana is legalized for recreational usage, it allows the state to profit off of the sales by taxing marijuana, and this opens up the possibility of not only reducing the cost of monitoring marijuana usage in the city, but also increase city revenue through the new taxes.

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Marijuana, the thing your parents always said was bad.

What your parents didn’t know is marijuana has medicinal qualities that are made by Mother Nature herself! Who knew, that hidden within the buds and leaves of marijuana, science would discover answers to questions that have been asked for years, how to relieve anxiety and depression naturally, safely and quickly?

If you have ever suffered through a bout of depression or a panic attack, relief can’t come fast enough! The usual drugs prescribed can take a half an hour, sometimes an hour, to begin to relieve the anxiety or depression. Who wants to wait that long for relief?

The Sativa Cannabis strains targets the mind and helps relieve your depression, anxiety and stress; all of which are typically treated with synthetic man-made drugs. Traditional medicines can cause terrible and sometimes dangerous side effects. None of which you need to deal with on top of anxiety or depression.

The Durban Poison Strain, which is a sativa strain of marijuana, is accepted by the majority of the medical field. Due to its ability to rapidly combat anxiety and depression, usually within 15 minutes or less, it is becoming a top choice in the medical field. Primarily used as a daytime medication due to its ability to relax you without making you overly tired; whereas the indica strains are widely used in the evening or at night, as the indica strains relax your body more so than your mind.

The Durban Poison Strain melts away your anxiety. If you have ever suffered from depression or anxiety, you literally beg for relief and never seem to get it from traditional medications. This sativa strain allows you to go about your day with increased peace of mind, happiness and increased creativeness, resulting in a very productive day at work and at home. You may even find it relieves nausea, without causing you to raid the fridge later as some other varieties do.

Originating from the African region, the Durban Poison Strain has a distinct fruity smell with a pleasant one-of-a-kind taste. With its fast acting properties, relief is rapidly obtained and lasts about 2 or more hours for most people.

The Durban Poison Strain is definitely one to keep in mind and on hand for the times you need relief quickly.

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There are many within the medical marijuana industry that are becoming anxious over some new proposals that are set to go in to effect. Though some states have passed legislation legalizing medical marijuana, it still remains illegal at the federal level. It is up to the government to decide when it will enforce these laws or not. There are many conservative politicians and groups in Washington that may be getting ready to assault some of the businesses operating in these states. This is causing some concern over many people who have wanted to operate a medical marijuana business, but also want to stay on the right side of the law.

The issue is becoming increasingly complicated because of disagreements at many levels of the law. Even within states that have passed legislation legalizing the drug, its status still remains unclear to many people. The state of California has issued legislation that will allow its residents to consume marijuana for medical reasons. But there are a number of legal complexities that can challenge these new sets of laws. This has got quite a few producers of medical marijuana feeling anxious. Many other consumers are wondering how they will still get access to the medical marijuana that they may need for themselves.

For example, there are many cities that are allowing these laws to take effect and provide people with medical marijuana. They will tolerate the presence of approved dispensaries and vending machines in their area. But there are some cities and counties that have passed counter legislation barring the installation of these vendors. This can cause a difficult situation for many business owners in the state who are trying to comprehend the legislation. Some of these laws are also temporary, meaning the legal situation may change and cause further complexities to surface for business owners and consumers alike.

Folks in favor off legalization need to remember that the Federal Government may tried its hardest as more states decide to disagree with the FG about marijuana. However persistence and continuing to do the right thing will have its rewards.

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If you are a person who regularly uses or is highly familiar with medical cannabis sativa, then it is most likely that you have tried all the various strains available out there. Some of the most known and most highly used strains of cannabis sativa are those developed and bred by TGA Subcool Seeds. They have a well-known reputation for having created some of the best and tastiest combination strains of medical cannabis sativa. TGA Subcool Seeds are responsible for developing a wide range of strains, which include Agent Orange, Ace of Spades, Jack The Ripper, Chernobyl, Qleaner, Pandora’s Box, Vortex, Querkle and many more others.

The Jilly Bean is a hard-hitting hybrid strain that stems from the tasty strain combination of Space Queen and Orange Velvet. There are several genetic reasons as to why the Jilly Bean strain is so tasty, looks so good and hits the way it does. The first thing to look at is its composition.

Physical attributes

Orange Velvet

The Orange Velvet strain is popular more so because of its wonderful and delicious, creamy orange flavor. Most users of the strain claim that it has a taste similar to that of orange creamiscles. The Orange Velvet strain has the reputation of not being potent or having strong effects. It is more so used in making various strain combinations. It gives most strain combinations a delicious taste, better flavor and aroma. In addition, it helps to deal with annoying body ailments.

Space Queen

The Space Queen is a combination of Romulan, which is mostly Indica and C-99, which is mostly sativa. C-99 stands for Cinderella 99. Space Queen itself is in large part a 50/50 combination of strains.

Effects of the Jilly Bean strain on patients

The Jilly Bean strain is roughly 70% lndica and 30% sativa. It tends to affect patients accordingly. It produces smoke that is smooth and tasty. It is expansive on one’s chest and still goes down easy on the throat. Jilly Bean provides a good, mellow, body melt because of the Orange Velvet strain it contains. Its high is more of the clear-head type because of the Space Queen strain it contains. Mostly, patients use the Jilly Bean strain to uplift their moods and provide them with a natural means of combating their stresses and anxieties.

The Jilly Bean strain does not put one to sleep, so recommendations are that one medicates during the day to get that full body buzz that usually comes with the heavier strains.

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The only legal use of marijuana today is currently for medicinal purposes. When bought at an authorized medicinal marijuana dealer it becomes a legal form of relief for many people. Medicinal marijuana is found to relieve the symptoms of almost every disease or ailment. It is also one of the most popular forms of stress relief and relaxation in the world. New strains are being experimented with and grown by growers constantly. When a new powerful and effective strain is created the demand for it can be overwhelming. One of these new hybrid strains is called the Girl Scout Cookie. Users have been talking about this strain constantly as of late, and it has become known as one of the smoothest yet powerful and relaxing strains currently on the market.

Girl Scout Cookie is classified as an Indica type strain. It can be grown in both indoor and outdoor environments with a good amount of success. The flowering time is fairly long at 9-10 weeks. The yield is usually quite good with most single plants netting up to 2 ounces. THC levels in this strain are around 18-23%- sometimes lower depending on the quality. Due to the hype and attention to this strain, expect to pay a steep price at around $60+ for an eighth of the bud. Currently it is quite popular in California around the San Francisco Bay area. Seeds are available by order via mail and at medicinal marijuana shops across the country. Be sure to follow local laws when ordering seeds or buds through the mail.

The effects of Girl Scout Cookie are well known throughout the marijuana community with many claiming it to be the best they have ever smoked. The smell is mostly skunky with slight hints of mint undertones. The taste is comparable to cotton candy with bits of spice. Hints of cherry, lemon, and even chocolate can be tasted. The high is powerful and relaxing. It hits you hard and slowly begins to trickle down into all the limbs and extremities. The intense sedation effects allow the smoker to chill out and let all the stresses of the day just melt away into the abyss. The effects make this strain a popular choice for poor appetite, stress, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. The high differs from 2 hours all the way up to the whole day depending on the quality and amount smoked. Girl Scout Cookie is one of the most popular strains available today, and the hype is well deserved for this phenomenal bud.

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For anyone who is looking for relief with the assistance of medical marijuana, there are many different strands out there, all of which provide slightly different variations and side effects. Because of this, it is very important to know exactly what the strains of marijuana are able to provide in terms of relief, effects and any possible negative attributes associated with it. This way, it is possible to know exactly what to expect and how it is going to help. One such cannabis strain is the OG Kush.

When it comes to helpful assistance, OG Kush is specifically designed for stress relief. This is the top medical offering of the strain. Roughly the same number of individuals use the strain for pain relief and anxiety problems, although about twice as many people use it for stress. The OG Kush strain helps with insomnia and it does also provide help for anyone who is suffering form a lack of appetite.

There are some effects of the OG Kush strain that you need to be made aware of. This way, you know when it is appropriate to take the medicinal marijuana and how it is going to alter what you are able to do. The number one effect patients feel is euphoric, with lazy coming in as a close second. This is not a strain you want to take when you still have a large amount of work to do. While it is still possible to complete your necessary tasks, it is much more difficult after using OG Kush. The third effect is patients feel happier as well as uplifted, which is the fourth effect. Lastly, patients do often report feeling sleepy. This is why the OG Kush strain is an effective cannabis strain to partake with before bed, as when you wake up you should feel relief from pain, in a better mood and not have to deal with the euphoric and lazy feelings.

There are some negative side effects to the OG Kush strain. The top side effect, by far, is patients suffer from dry mouth. Fewer than half of the individuals who suffer from dry mouth report to suffer from dry eyes, although it is a good idea to have eye drops on hand, just in case. A small amount of individuals, typically those who are new to the strain, suffer paranoia, while very few experience dizziness and anxiety.

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