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There are many different strains of medical marijuana being grown these days and the Purple Cream Strain is the strain that will be covered here. It is an Indica type of marijuana as opposed to sativa type. Indica plants tend to be a shorter and wider variety of the marijuana plant. Sativa plants tend to grow taller and thinner. For indoor growing purposes Indica plants would be the way to go. Unless one is working with a high roof it is better to grow the sativa marijuana strains outside. Some of the strains can grow up to twenty five feet in height!

Trichomes are very small bubble shaped growths that are usually clear in color that grow on the buds of the Purple Cream Marijuana Bud. Some of the marijuana leaves have a bluish, purple tip, giving the pot it’s name. Purple Cream has many of these trichomes in the buds of the plant. The trichomes are the things that contain the chemical THC. THC causes the high felt by the pot smoker.

Purple Cream Marijuana has a distinctive sweet fruity type of smell when smelled when it is in a jar. When the bud is broken up it turns into a more sour type smell mixed with the fruity smell. When smoked it is not the kind of pot that can make one hack and cough. The smoke is very light and smooth and burns clean in the pipe. One can taste the fruity flavor while smoking.

This is a strong form of indica pot. The effects come on quickly and produce a numbing effect along with an effect of being relaxed. It can work good to help one sleep or for pain. As with other types of indica pot it can also relax muscles, relieves muscle spasms and can help in reducing seizures. It can also help to relieve headaches and anxiety and stress.

The other kind of pot called Sativa works a bit differently than Indica Pot, which Purple Cream is a member of. Sativa pot can produce feelings of well being and being at ease. It causes up lifting thoughts and can stimulate and energize the person. Focus and creativity can be improved and it can help to relieve depression.

The pot around today is not your father’s or grandfather’s pot. The pot of today has been found to have many medicinal uses and recreational ones.

The Willie Nelson strain is much lauded for its euphoric high and body buzz. It promotes artistic and creative behavior and helps to relieve many symptoms associated with depression. This strain is dominantly sativa and won the 2005 High Times Cannabis Cup.

This strain was created specifically for its namesake. Willie Nelson enjoys old school sativa blends and this was right up his alley. It’s a mix of Vietnamese and Highland Nepalese, leaving one with an uplifted yet spacey feeling.

Color and Taste
The buds are a light green color with a lot of red hairs. If one looks closely, they can sometimes see purplish hues throughout. It has a mostly sweet taste with a bit of sour on exhale.

Most people find that the Willie Nelson strain especially promotes creativity and artistic ability. Due to its sativa heritage, it leaves one giggly, happy and relaxed. The lesser effects are increased energy and an uplifted feeling. However, some feel it’s more of a bedtime bud because it has an intense heady high that can leave one feeling a bit spacey.

Medical Qualitities
Its medicinal qualities are numerous. Many people enjoy this strain because it helps a lot with depression and anxiety. People suffering from ADD and ADHD will find the high relaxes and calms the mind, allowing one to concentrate and focus. With its headyness, the Willie Nelson strain has been known to help those dealing with bipolar disorder as well.

The Downsides
There are only a few downsides associated with this bud. The strongest being an intensely dry mouth, or “cotton-mouth” feeling. Some have claimed it dries the eyes and can leave them feeling a bit paranoid.

Attributes of the Plants
The plants themselves have a 70 – 75 day lifecycle. The buds produced will be flowery with a super-sweet smell while still on the plant. They are typically large plants providing well over an ounce once dried.

The Willie Nelson strain is considered very potent. On a scale from 1 – 10, with 10 being the strongest, most place it at around 8 or 9. This strain is especially good for medicinal needs. Its effects on the body and mind promote relaxation and a stress-free attitude.

The Green Ribbon Strain is a strain of medical marijuana used to treat a variety of conditions from anxiety to insomnia, as well as pain relief. The Green Ribbon Strain is a sativa dominant hybrid; it is comprised of Green Crack and another strain, or possible more. The lineage is a little fuzzy as to what the other strain (or strains) is that makes up this hybrid, but the probable parents are: Trainwreck, White Rhino, Afgoo, or Afghanica. Generally, this strain of cannabis contains a THC content of 12-20%, and can have a very potent effect on the patient.

Green Ribbon has a light green bud with distinct orange hairs. The buds are fluffy, but they are also extremely sticky. The smell is described as being a pleasant mix of light floral and fruity notes, but also very pungent and strong with citrus-like undertones. Green Ribbon has a sweet, earthy taste, but it also leaves a slight citrus aftertaste.
The effects from Green Ribbon vary, however, many people report feeling the sativa-like effects, providing them with uplifting energy and motivation. It is also widely reported that Green Ribbon produces a very strong, full body effect, but it helps the mind to relax, allowing the patient to experience a stress-free mindset.
Most patients that have used this strain report a heady, energetic effect that made them feel happy and uplifted. Other patients reported feeling euphoric and focused after using Green Ribbon. Of course, as with everything there are negative side effects, also. Half of patients report dry mouth as the most common negative side effect of Green Ribbon. Other negative effects mentioned are: dizziness, dry eyes, and paranoia. A minimal amount of people also report a headache after medicating with Green Ribbon.
Good For….
Many medical issues can be treated by this particular strain of cannabis. Green Ribbon is known to help regulate sleep, helping to treat those with insomnia. It is also helpful for treating such conditions as anxiety, depression and ADD/ADHD, due to its ability to relax the mind and relieve stress. It has also been reported that Green Ribbon can be used for pain relief, and is helpful to patients suffering from migraines, nausea, and even Multiple Sclerosis.
This hybrid, with the body effects of a sativa and the mind effects of an indica strain, is a well rounded solution for a number of medical issues, and can be used to bring relief to many people.

The blue dragon strain is an indica heavy strain that is considered to be an exceptionally powerful strain. The blue dragon strain is a very long lasting strain, and it is able to treat one’s condition for an exceptionally long time. The strain is made by crossing the popular blueberry and sour diesel strains, and it is exceptionally popular on the west coast of the US and Colorado. When purchasing the blue dragon strain it is important to know what it tastes like, what the effects of it are, what conditions it is best at treating, and what the side effects of it are.

Flavor and Appearance

The blue dragon comes in the form of very dense buds that are dark green in appearance. The buds are shot with a lot of purple, and some of the denser forms of the strain may even take on an almost blackish appearance.

When first taking blue dragon, the consumer will first notice a strong berry flavor. This is followed by a strong sweet flavor, and then there is a very long lasting taste of blueberries. The smoke from this train is very dense, and it generally has a very smooth texture. This makes blue dragon a good choice for persons who tend to cough when they smoke.

The Effects and What Conditions it Treats

The effects of blue dragon are typical of strains that are strongly indica. This includes feelings general calm, sleepiness, euphoria. Persons report being feeling very uplifted, happy, and relaxed. The blue dragon is recommended to be taken in a more relaxed situation, and it may be difficult to be sociable while under the effects of blue dragon.

The most common aliments treated with this strain are general mental health problems. It is commonly used to treat insomnia, depression, and anxiety. The blue dragon is exceptionally good at treating feelings of extreme anxiety. It is also very good at treating strain and stress. A lot of persons will take this strain in order to treat back pain and sore muscles.

What are the Side Effects

The side effects of blue dragon are typical of most forms of marijuana. There is a chance that the strain may cause a person to experience feelings of restlessness and anxiety. In addition, this strain will generally cause a person to experience dry mouth, itchy eyes, and sluggishness.

Photo credit: aeroSoul / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

The Hawaiian Snow Strain has light orange hairs all over the light greenish yellow, very dense buds. It smells rich, sweet and spicy all at once. The taste is very mild and reminds me of pine oil. The first few hits are a bit sweet when exhaled. As it is burned, the taste becomes more musky. The high is felt after one hit. It is a heady brain buzz. The length of time this plant takes to mature is well worth the wait.

The Plant and Buds

The plant grows in the shape of a pine tree. This plant does well when the longer branches are bent rather than topped during growth. The leaves are thin and bright green before harvest time. When the buds are ready, they will show off their dirty, pale orange long hairs and a wonderful coating of sticky resin. The ripe buds themselves are kind of a light greenish yellow and packed densely. Buds from badly cared for plants tend to be darker in color.

Aroma and Taste

Before lighting, the bud has a hazy, sweet and savory scent. When it is ground the musky spice stands out from the sweetness. The taste when smoked from a bong has a slight pine smell. When exhaled, the minty sweet comes through. For those who are not really in to the sweet tasting bud, this one is perfect with just a hint of sweet.

The Buzz

When smoking Hawaiian Snow, the buzz comes fairly quickly. After one hit, the heady high begins, as the effects increases to a busy buzz that get creative juices flowing freely. This smoke is great if you have had a bad day. If you are feeling down, this is the buzz you need. It will elevate a bad or sad mood, gives a sense of well being, and lowers tension. It just may have you laughing a lot. The high will last a couple hours. This is perfect party smoke. Perfect for the end of a hard day at work or to start off the weekend with a bang.

Trinity Strain is a very potent and very popular strain of weed in America today. Imagine smoking this stuff and just relaxing in a trance like state while eating popcorn during a Sunday night football game. It is the most popular strain in Oregon, Colorado, and in Las Vegas as well. It has been claimed that those living in Northern California have an easiest time growing this variety.

Its attributes include coming in many exciting flavors like berry and blueberry. These flavors excite your taste buds and they tend to crave the sour and tangy taste that each of these delightful treats give off in your mouth.

Here is a list of some of the attributes for easy remembrance and digestion.
1. Known to alleviate depression, stress, pain ,and even insomnia.
2. Has a strong musky smell like what you would find under your armpits after not bathing for a week.
3. Flavor can be sweet, sour, or a real ground dirt taste as well.
4. Has a long lasting effect on you and your body.
5. Trinity has been know to make people feel innovative, enthusiastic,ecstatic,joyful, and have an overall feeling of giddy when interacting with others or just talking to themselves as a result of taking this next level drug.

Some of the negative effects of taking Trinity are:
1. Getting lightheaded and feeling like the room is spinning.
2. Dry mouth
3. A feeling of confusion and hypersensitivity to everything around you.
4. Migraines

This strain is noted for its short growing season duration of just over 40 days indoor. This allows many people to be able to enjoy the lasting effects of something more potent without having to retreat for more so soon. If you do get your hands on one of these plants, save it! It could be worth a lot to you in the near future. If you get a full plant and not just a sample; then hang on to it and cultivate it until you are personally ready to enjoy it to relive your own pain and depression or someone in your family who is suffering.

Mars OG is one of the planetary family of marijuana strains. These plants are given these names because they begin life with inside growing conditions, and for the final part of their growth cycles the plants are moved outside. This results in plants with a high flower-to-leaf ratio, which leads to a more powerful smoke that hits harder and lasts longer.

Will It Send You To Mars?

Mars OG is a strong strain, even among its planetary siblings. Users have reported an acceptable high after as little as two inhalations, and the sensation produced by this plant can last for one to two hours off of that little use. For those who want to prolong the sensation though, an additional toke is all that’s required to lengthen the ride by an hour or so. Results vary with individuals of course, and some people may take more or less, but OG Mars has a low of power behind it.

Taste, Look, Etc.

Mars OG is strong in a lot of ways. It’s smell is very potent, and not terribly pleasant even for those who are used to marijuana smoke. The nuggets themselves are big, thick, and a dark green. The taste is very earthy, and it most definitely has the hash flavor that experienced smokers have come to expect from their buds. Mars OG can be a little harsh on those who aren’t used to it though, and those who are more experienced with less powerful plants should expect to cough a bit until they get used to the out-of-this-world experience that Mars OG provides.

What Does It Cost?

Like all of its planetary kin, Mars OG is not cheap, recreational stuff. A potent medical marijuana, Mars OG goes for $25 per gram. It’s not the most expensive of its kin, but it’s far from cheap. Fortunately for Mars OG a little bit goes a long, long way. A strong, solid Indica, this plant will handle anything that someone can throw at it. Of course that doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone. For those who aren’t sure whether or not Mars OG is the right choice for them though, it’s a good idea to give it a try before stocking up. It’s pricey, and if it’s too rough or too strong for someone then it’s a good idea to use a different strain in order to get the proper sensation.

Irish folklore has always told us that in order to find a leprechaun’s gold, we need only find the end of a rainbow. Hmm. Tempting…but for those of us who simply don’t have the time (or the Skittles) to be chasing rainbows, why not just go for the green?

The marijuana strain known as “Pot of Gold” originated in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan. An Indica hybrid conceived from the Skunk #1 and Hindu Kush strains, Pot of Gold has seen tremendous popularity in recent years amongst recreational and medical tokers alike! Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics that make this strain such a hot commodity!


  • Medium/Dark Green in color
  • Very sticky surface
  • Dense buds

Uses Include…

  • Medical- Users report positive results when used to manage anxiety, nausea, depression, and chronic pain.
  • Recreational- Most users agree that Pot of Gold gives them a creative, happy buzz.


  • Hashish
  • Slightly Fruity

THC Content


Your Experience

  • Rapid onset
  • Starts with a mind buzz, then gradually gives way to full-body effects
  • The high is pleasant, giving the user a few hours of happiness and feelings of well-being
  • Nice comedown, generally a feeling of pleasant relaxation will come over the user at this point.

Wanna Do Some Gardening?

Pot of Gold can be grown indoors or outdoors. It is recommended that the growth environment has little to no humidity and a lot of air circulation. This strain takes about 8 weeks to vegetate and is best when harvested in mid-October. On average, the height of the plant is about 3 feet tall by the time the growth cycle is complete.

Honorable Mentions

  • Received an Honorable Mention in the High Times Cannabis Cup (1998)
  • Placed 3rd in the High Times Indica Cup (2003)

Overall, Pot of Gold speaks for itself. No doubt that the versatility of this strain is what appeals to it’s loyal fans the most. Whether you’re looking to manage the pesky symptoms of a chronic health condition, or just looking to kick pack and enjoy the day, this is the green for you!

Have fun, Gold Miners!