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When it comes to choosing the right medical marijuana, several different strains are available. Each of these strains has its own characteristics and as a result, some are more effective than others when it comes to helping people with certain medical conditions. One of the most popular strains that is currently available is the Cinex strain. Cinex is essentially a cross between the Vortex strain and the Cinderella 99 strain, so anyone that is able to benefit from either one of those would likely be interested in trying the Cinex strain of medical marijuana as well.

Attributes of Cinex
There are a number of attributes related to this particular strain, as it has been widely regarded as one of the best that is currently available. It has an outstanding rating from customers that have already tried it and from a medical standpoint, it is able to relieve a number of issues. One of the most important functions of this strain involves its ability to help people experience less stress. It is also used as an effective pain reliever for those who suffer from chronic pain. This particular strain can be effectively used to combat depression and even to ease migraines and nausea.
It is also effective in treating those who are bipolar or who are suffering from conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). It is equally effective for someone who suffers from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, which can be far more severe and difficult to treat than the more generic form of ADD. Cinex also helps relieve anxiety. It is so effective because it helps people feel more at ease, even to the point of increasing happiness. While it can be used effectively as a pain reliever, it also works to help people calm down and simultaneously enhances creativity.
Additional Information
Another thing that many people like about this particular strain is the way that it smells and tastes. It has some sweet overtones, mainly citrus that are mixed with deep undertones that are far more earthy. These two things combine to create something that both smells and tastes good to most customers.

An overwhelming number of individuals that try this strain of medical marijuana find it to be exactly what they are looking for. It combines effective pain relief with an ability to help people calm down and focus while simultaneously being enjoyable and readily accessible.

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If you live in a location where medicinal marijuana is legal, or if you live in Colorado, Washington or other areas of the country where smoking marijuana in general is legal, than you probably want to check out the different kinds of strains out there. Marijuana is not just a single plant and that is it. There are all sorts of different strains you can enjoy and each provides a different set of benefits. Knowing all of these features regarding the strain is important.

Flavor of Blue Mystic

With Blue Mystic, it has a heavy flavor of diesel fuel, with a mixture of ammonia and even a hint of blueberry. It also has the same flavor points as a vapor rub when you have a cold. It might remind you of a cough drop with the slight hint of blueberry in it, but the diesel and ammonia flavors are much more overwhelming.

Effects of Blue Mystic

In terms of effects, most of the effects you do feel are rather strong. Euphoric is an extremely high profile in terms of effects, followed by happy and relaxed. An uplifted feeling is there, although it is not as strong as the other tree effects. Some people also feel talkative when then use the Blue Mystic strain, although this is not found in everyone (it happens about half of the time, with the euphoric, happy and relaxed sensations occurring almost 100 percent of the time and the uplifted feeling occurring just short of 80 percent of the time).

Blue Mystic Medicinal Qualities

In terms of medical benefits, the top reason to use Blue Mystic is to help with stress. This is almost 100 percent of the medical benefit of the strain. Pain is just under it, and it can help with headaches as well. It is used for insomnia about half of the time, and it does assist with depression around a third of the time. Typically, this form of marijuana strain is used for people who are suffering from anxiety, migraines, who are bipolar, ADD or ADHD or have cancer.

Drawbacks of Blue Mystic

In terms of negative feelings, the most noticeable potential negative side effect is feeling dizzy. Due to this, it is important for someone to build up their tolerance to Blue Mystic and only hit it once when first starting off. A dry mouth happens about a third of the time, dry eyes and paranoia happens around 10 percent of the time and maybe one of of 100 people experience a headache.

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papaya strain

“Papaya, Good Medicine, Good Strain.”

Getting a good medicinal strain is not hard, as long as one takes the time to do a little research on the different strains available. One such strain, and one that works well for medicinal purposes is the Papaya Strain.

Superb Flavor

What really separates this strain from others is the soft, tropical flair from this bud. Sweet with a hint of fruit, it is comparable with whiskey scented pipe smoke. It doesn’t have as harsh a throat hit as others strains but still delivers good indica. It has an almost peppery background but doesn’t overwhelm. Organic grown produces the best flavor and hydro lacks a lot of flavor and subtle hints of the tropical fruit.

Superb Results

Papaya has a relaxing and lethargic effect, great for nighttime use. It has a full body sensation which benefits a complete healing experience. Also, this strain is great for letting the daily stress roll away as you become absorbed in the world around you. Perfect for watching a movie or just taking in some music appreciation.

Excellent Growing Characteristics

Papaya is a soil based grow. It can be done in hydro and the yield is about 20-25 percent more but lacks the robust flavors and tends to be on the harsh side. Flowers in about 50-65 days and has a comparably quick grow but requires a little more attention than other strains. Papaya is also a low grow meaning no height issues. It gives a good yield with up to 450 grams. While it is soil grow, it is best indoors where the conditions can be kept stable and predictable. The best harvest period is October.

The Papaya strain is relatively easy to grow and maintain, gives a good yield and is perfect for medical use. Most people have a mental calmness with this strain but some have reported it making them energetic and productive. Typically, it does have a glazed eye effect with the potential for couch lock. Overall, it produces a wellness effect and is perfect for chronic pain, anxiety, muscle spasms and stress. For medicinal users looking for a pure and potent smoke, Papaya Strain delivers that and more.

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The Blue Moonshine strain of medical cannabis is from a family that matures quickly for fast harvesting and possesses a potency that rivals the yield produced by plants that take twice as long to fully develop. Supposedly named for a dream had by its creator, Blue Moonshine is touted for its unique taste and powerful effects.

Look, Smell, and Taste

A bushy plant of short stature, Blue Moonshine has broad, dark leaves and produces sticky buds. The distinct look of the plant extends to its taste. The flavor and smell of the plant can be described as “fruity” with a touch of a medicinal smell. The taste and smell captures notes of blueberry, accounting for the fruitiness.

Blue Moonshine produces heavy smoke, but the plant as a whole is quite tasty and can be used for any number of marijuana recipes with pleasing results.


  • Long lasting buzz
  • Stimulates the appetite
  • Produces a sense of euphoria and well-being

Blue Moonshine has a reputation for a long lasting high that is potent. Euphoric responses include laughter and feelings of being at peace with the world. An excellent appetite stimulant, Blue Moonshine can be extremely helpful to patients needed this benefit.

Relaxation and sedation are among its strongest effects. Blue Moonshine can cause deep relaxation and alleviate stress for several hours, depending on the intake.


  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea

Blue Moonshine’s sedative effects help calm the mind, making this an ideal strain for relieving anxiety and depression. The uplifting mood effect also helps with depressive symptoms. Pain can be dulled, which is especially useful for people suffering from chronic bouts of pain of the pain associated with chemo.

In fact, Blue Moonshine can alleviate most symptoms caused by chemotherapy, including nausea and loss of appetite. Due to its long lasting effects, the drug can give sufferers a much needed reprieve and the sedative effects will allow for rest.


Among the few drawbacks of this strain would be its tendency to produce heavy smoke. This can lead to coughing even by veteran smokers. However, it is common for users to say the benefits make the smoke worth it.

Blue Moonshine has been designed to make lives easier from the side effects of medical issues. A strain could not be more perfectly engineered toward that goal.

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Animal Cookies is a hybrid, Indica leaning marijuana that is remarkably potent. Animal Cookies come in all sorts of size and shape; the cookies are renowned for their strong flavor and deep aroma. The cookies general appear dense with buds covered in a layer of thick milky trichomes with golden and yellow hairs. This marijuana strain was previously only available as a clone but after intensive research, it is now available for purchase in seed forms thanks to companies like Beyond its numerous medical uses, Animal Cookies is also used in a couple of other applications including acupuncture and massage therapy.

Some facts about Animal Cookies
• Strain name: Animal Cookies
• Genotype: Hybrid of 50 percent Indica and 50 percent Sativa
• Flowering type: Photoperiod
• Flavor: Cherry Cookies taste
• Medial uses: depression, anxiety and appetite

The Plant
Animal Cookies Marijuana takes between 9 and 10 weeks to flower when it is cultivated indoors. The plant is typically stronger in structure and grows moderately faster than other commonly used strains of marijuana. The leaves of this plant typically grow into dark green teardrop shape. Animal Cookie is especially sensitive to pH just like the other strains of Girl Scout Cookies.

Taste and Smell
Once Animal Cookies is out of the bag, it smells like brute lemon fuel, but once it is fragmented into smaller pieces, it brings out a sweet smell similar to that of animal crackers. The buds of this plant have an earthly smell and taste that is compounded with a bit of sweet tartness and sour aromatic taste that hides under its heavy full body effects. The flower takes sometime before igniting even when dried, because it contains a huge volume of resin. However, once it is lighted and exhaled, it brings forth a numbing taste of rubber and hot asphalt that feels like some kind of citrus or berry fruit.

Uses and Side Effects 
This potent medicine is perfect for curing mild symptoms, back pain, insomnia, ADHD, ADD and muscles pain. Animal Cookies is also known to make its users happy and generally euphoric. This medical marijuana is not recommended for use by inexperienced patients or anyone looking for part-time quick fix relieve. Whenever this medical marijuana is used, proper planning is essential because of the medicines potency factor. Although there aren’t many side-effects associated with Animal Cookies, some of the notable effects include dry mouth and dry eyes.

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Being the cross of a male Dixie Crystal and Sagarmatha Seeds’ Stonehedge mother, this strain of medical marijuana is considered to be grade A in the marijuana medical industry. The sample I received as a part of my treatment was of an average density with uniform green and pale orange hairs and tall trichomes. The edges were swelled and calyxes were bubbly giving the sample a high bud to leaf ratio.

Attributes of Ingrid

When it came to density, it had the best trich head size and coverage as well. The trichomes comprised of around 10 percent amber which indicated the perfect harvest timing. However, the aroma was uninspiring and had a pungent smell to it. It was strange and unbearable at first compared to other strains that I have tried so far. The weird flavor, especially when the sample is in pre-grind state gives a far greater spike than expected. Further, grinding the sample makes it even more stronger giving it an acidic odor but unique texture. Luckily, the taste is completely different from the appearance and smell. It is herby, palatable and somewhat comparable to sandalwood flavor. And the room is left with a menthol-like fragrance after a while producing no cough or bitterness later on.

User Experience
This strain produces a nearly dizzy effect as soon as it enters the head and other organs, lowering the eyes and raising the warmth of the body. Once the initial experience subsides, the excellent relaxation sets in thereafter urging the body to stretch and yawn in the process. It makes you stay that way for a good 3 hours or even more if you are trying it for the first time.

Overall, the medicinal traits of Ingrid strain include pain relief, tension relief, relaxations, ocula relief and sleep aid as well. There are hundreds of strains that produce similar effect but this strain by far is one of the best product for a long-lasting effect. Add to that the best trich coverage and medicinal benefits of the sample. My new favorite strain produces the type of discomfort that is nowhere found in other products, and it is relaxing both physically and mentally. Just 0.3g for novice patients and the drug will put them into an inordinate state during the onset. In addition, its efficacy is the reason behind its highest score as the effect preserves its state for a complete 3 hours without depleting the energy.

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The medical marijuana strain known as Cataract Kush, is from a hybrid plant formed by combining two other popular plants, L.A. Confidential and O.G. Kush. The plants take from 8 to 9 weeks to flower and boast a medium to high yield at harvest. This Indica dominant strain has an earthy smell common among the Kush plants. The Indica strain has been proven to be highly adaptable through a variety of gardening and climate conditions, though they seem to prefer cooler climate instead of a hotter one. They are also slower than other types of plants when it comes to their initial growth.

Its medical benefits have been seen in a large number of ailments.
These can include:
-Insomnia and other sleep disorders
-Eating Disorders
-Chronic pain
-Chronic stress

The Cataract Kush strain contains a layer of crystals that give it a dark grayish hue, instead of the typical green. The Cataract Kush has also been suggested to not be intended for use by new or relatively light marijuana users. It is intended for those who have a specific need for its unique long term effects to manage pain or other health concerns.

Cataract Kush is said to have the effect of becoming most potent after about 10 minutes of initial dose and to increase slightly over a longer period of time than some other strains. This increased time of potency allows those with the most severe health needs to feel its effects over a longer period of time than some other strains previously used. The long term effects of this strain are what make it increasingly beneficial for aid in sleeping issues. It is also known to increase appetite and may have added and long term benefits for those with severe stress or anxiety issues.

 Cataract Kush is a great option for medical vaporizers allowing its users to get the most benefits from the marijuana. This could add to increased relief of symptoms and decrease the amount of time patients are dealing with pain or other chronic conditions.

Like any medicine used to treat a variety of health concerns,  Cataract Kush has some seemingly mild side effects reported. These can include mild headache and dizziness as well as dry eyes and mouth often associated with smoking the substance. These side effects were relatively mild, not reported by all users and are not likely to increase or cause additional health concerns or implications.

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Through scientific, as well as technological break throughs in the creation of medical marijuana, a vast array of options have been made to meet a variety of needs. The advances allow patients to be more comfortable as well as to assist in mind and body issues.

Ace Of Spades Strain
This strain of cannabis is a relatively new product created by TGA Subcool Seeds. It is a mixture between Black Cherry Soda and Jack the Ripper. It tends to share both of the parents benefits, but is generally considered an Indica form of marijuana.

Benefits To Patients
The Ace of Spades form of cannabis has a vast array of benefits for the body and mind of those who use it. After the initial hit patients have reported an almost giddy feeling, with extreme happiness and euphoria. After the original trip the Indica base comes into play and creates a immense feeling of relaxation and comfort. Making this form of weed an excellent option for patients sufferering from depression, insomnia, muscles spasms, as well as stress. Individuals have also stated that use of Ace of Spades has enabled them to take on challenging projects that they previously were overwhelmed by, as well as providing comfort mentally and physically when dealing with pain or discomfort.

This form of cannabis boasts the sweet and sour components provided by the parent plants which are lemony and berry in taste. It reportedly has a lemony undertone with earthy and bright flavors. The smoke is extremely smooth and relaxing for patients, and is said to be a very easy weed to smoke. The effects are almost immediate with the Indica relaxation coming after the original trip.

The Ace of Spades strain of cannabis is a very potent and high grade variety, whose immediate effects ensure patients have instant relief. The enjoyable flavors as well as its’ ability to allow patients to relax within the mind as well as body almost instantaneously make this form of weed an excellent option for those suffering from extreme stress, muscles discomfort, insomnia, as well as a varity of other issues.

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