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Danky Doodle is a very indica dominant strain that is 90% indica and 10% sativa. Its parent strains are the Viking, KC 636 and Big Bud strains. The strain grows well in both indoor and outdoor environments. Danky Doodle only requires a moderately experienced grower to thrive. Unfortunately though, this strain is prone to mold problems, so a growing environment with low humidity is ideal. Under ideal conditions, the plant will grow to about five feet. The plant’s flowering time takes anywhere between nine and 11 weeks. Harvest time for this strain is around the middle of September. However, if grown right, the strain rewards the grower with big, potent buds. The breeder of the Danky Doodle strain is KC Brains.

The smoke itself is described as “thick, syrupy and fruity with a [hint of] spiciness upon exhale” ( Reviews on said that the strain had a woody aroma, followed by a pungent skunk smell. The effects kick in rapidly but are not overpowering. However, the effects will linger around for a while with an enjoyable high. One consumer review said that the indica effects did’t kick in until about an hour, so it may be a creeper in a way. Overall, the initial high kicks in fast. The strain’s medicinal effects help relieve chronic pain, insomnia, nausea, anxiety, anorexia and muscle spasms. According to the reviews on, the biggest medicinal benefits from the strain were pain and stress relief, with insomnia and anxiety coming in second place. The only two main downsides with this strain were dry mouth and eyes.

Because of its strong indica effects, Danky Doodle is the perfect strain for those who are stressed, in pain or have insomnia. It’s also the perfect strain for recreational use. The long duration of its effects make it convenient for those who aren’t able to medicate frequently. Overall, the strain is relatively easy to grow, offers great medicinal and recreational effects, and produces high-quality buds. The strain has been around for a long time and is still appreciated to this day. Its exotic and unique effects are responsible for keeping this strain so popular.

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Apollo 11 is a Sativa dominant hybrid strain with a THC content of 18 percent and a high calyx- to leaf-ratio that matures in seven weeks. Originating in the Netherlands, Apollo 11 is a cross of Cinderella 99, Jack Herer, Shiva Skunk and Jack Herer F2, with a typical female plant producing one to two pounds of buds.

Apollo 11 Growth

Apollo 11 is easy to grow and has an abnormally short flowering phase for a Sativa plant. Apollo 11 is very forgiving of growing errors that can doom many strains and is an excellent Sativa for patients who do not have the time to grow plants requiring longer growth cycles. The strain is high-yielding, with the highest-producing females being short with heavy branches. The plants produce dense, bright green, resinous, lemon-scent buds with long pale hairs that feel sticky to the touch.

Apollo 11 Smoke

The smoke from Apollo 11 has a sweet citrusy flavor and produces a clear, thought-provoking, energetic and upbeat feeling, although there is typically some variation between individual plants. The taste from Apollo 11 is often described as sweet, suggestive mixture of lemon candy and cinnamon.

Apollo 11 Effects

Apollo 11 is a powerful medicine that creates a sense of uplifting euphoria. Unlike most of the sativa dominant strains, Apollo 11 has an intense effect on the body, producing a deep relaxation along with an overall gratified feeling.

Apollo 11 Side Effects 

Apollo 11 tends to produce mild to sometimes severe dry mouth. The strong relaxation effect does not make it a good choice for daytime use when it is important to be awake and attentive.

Apollo 11 Medical Uses

Apollo 11 is highly effective for anxiety, insomnia, tension, stress-related illnesses and upset stomach. A suitable choice for minor to moderate discomfort, including headaches, Apollo 11 is not strong enough for acute pain. Those with appetite problems do very well with Apollo 11 as it produces an increase in appetite for almost all patients. Patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and other seizure-related diseases may also benefit from Apollo 11.

Apollo 11 Conclusion

Overall, Apollo 11 is a potent strain ideal for reducing anxiety and dealing with mild pain, but should not be used for more severe conditions. Apollo 11 should only be used during the daytime when mental focus in not a priority as it tends to make the patient lethargic and dull mentally awareness.
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The Blue Champaign Strain is descended from the Blue Dream and Champagne Kush. A sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain is excellent for daytime use. It provides the Blue Dream’s cerebral effects mellowed by the Champagne Kush. This combination offers results regular consumers find ideal for their needs. The flower of the Blue Champaign is light neon green and has dense, large crystals, and a sweet, fruity aroma along with a wonderful flavor. It’s potent yet manageable. Many find it increases their ability to focus and heals a wide variety of ills.

Appearance And Flavor

It is classified as 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. It can grow both indoors or outdoors and requires only intermediate growing skills. Grown indoors, it flowers in 9 – 10 weeks. When grown outdoors, it flowers in early to mid-November. It is great for cloning. The buds are somewhat loose with long hairs. The Blue Champaign Strain produces a moderate to high yield and is great for migraines, inflammation, depression, and general pain relief. The strain has a smooth slightly floral flavor much reminiscent of champagne or white wine. It gives users a very heady yet mellow feeling.


Users begin to feel the effects almost immediately and it usually lasts for up to an hour-and-a-half. The leaves and flowers are coated with trichomes and some experienced patients use Blue Champagne to make a high-quality hash medication to use for their dosing. Originally very popular in California, Blue Champagne can now be found in dispensaries all across the country. It works well in a vaporizer and is a favorite because of its great taste, the ease with which it grows, high yield, quick onset, beautiful appearance, and great potency. Its high THC content makes it a very effective medicine.


Because the THC level of the Blue Champagne is so high, patients do not need to use a large amount to get the desired effect. Many find it makes them happy, energetic, and talkative and enables them to think and work at a very fast pace. It is highly recommended for daytime use. Many use it to improve their mood and alleviate chronic or severe pain, anxiety, stress, and tension. Some users have reported getting dry mouth or eyes after using Blue Champagne. Overall, patients like it because it allows them to remain fully aware and able to easily do all the tasks on their to-do list.

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With the legalization of marijuana in many states, many are flocking to said states to find new strains of their favorite greens. White Dawg is one of those many strains. Considered an Indica Hybrid, White Dawg is actually a cross between the much sought after White Fire 06 and the Chemdog varieties. With THC levels at 21.03 percent and CBD levels at 0.18 percent it offers up a euphoric high that is unsurpassed.

Notable Facts About White Dawg Strain:


Fans of Cannabis Cup Champion, will love White Dawg. It’s a heavenly scent and will arouse even the laziest of olfactory nerves.


Very similar again to Cannabis Cup Champion. Just as it smells, it will taste. With a nice robust flavor and plenty of THC content. One large hit will send you into a cough as if you were trying a cigarette for the first time.

How Effective Is It?

Get that sofa ready, you’re gonna need it. After your hit, you’re going to feel euphoric. Straight to your head in a flash. You’ll have a full high going on in moments and be well on your way to euphoria. If you’d rather slow it down a tad, you may wish to have a Vaporizer as this tends to help it float more slowly to your head. while it won’t be quite the same euphoria, it will still give you an intense floating high that is uncomparable. Either way, you’re sure to have a memorable trip.


White Dawg is ideal for treating a myriad of symptoms including pain, insomnia, nausea and muscle spasms. It does not appear to work as well on depression as it is more of a sedative but it will certainly knock you out for the count if that is indeed your goal.

Pros Of White Dawg: 

You’re body will feel heavy
You’ll be calm and relaxed in moments
It’s ideal for treating anxiety, pain, nausea and insomnia conditions.
It is long lasting
Extremely potent

Cons Of White Dawg:

Highly sedating
May be too strong for those with low tolerance
You’re likely to pass out so it’s best saved for lazy days or power naps
Not the ideal if you’re going to be planning an event with some activities as you’re likely not going to make it through the activities.

On a scale of 1 to 10, White Dawg has an average rating of 9.8.

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Mango Tango is one of the more popular hybrid strains of marijuana because it has potent indica-like effects while still having the fruity, pungent flavor that is common for a sativa. This strain even looks potent to the naked eye because when grown right, it will be covered in trichomes. It definitely packs a serious punch and is not a strain for the beginner smoker.

Mango Tango Attributes
It has a subtle pine and peach flavor that can be detected when you exhale, which gives it it’s fruity name. It also has a potent aroma when smelling the buds raw- it almost smells like it has citrus sprayed on it. This is normal for this strain and many people enjoy it because of the amazing taste and smell. The buds are incredibly sticky to the touch, which makes for a difficult time if you like to roll up joints. A regular pipe might be a better option for this heavy hitting strain.

In addition to tasting and looking wonderful, Mango Tango provides an exceptional high. It is technically a hybrid strain, even though it won the first place for best sativa in the 2015 Southern California Cannabis Cup. It is more of a sativa-dominant hybrid that provides an entire body high like an indica strain would. Mango Tango is not technically one of the more energetic strains out there, but it is great for relaxing at night and relieving pain.

A good puff on some Mango Tango can have you forgetting all about that throb in your knee. The parents of Mango Tango are Tangie and True OG strains, which are both extremely potent in their own right. The OG couch-lock effects are very obvious when you first take a puff on some Mango Tango, as well as the flavor from the Tangie parent. This combination results in one of the most unique smoking experiences, hence the first place trophy.

Mango Tango is sought after by so many people because it combines the best of both worlds for medical marijuana patients. Most patients have an indica for the pain relieving qualities, yet also keep a sativa on hand because of the exceptional taste. Indica strains have always been known for being potent but not tasting as good as sativas, until now. Mango Tango has given many people a simple choice of bud when they visit their dispensary, rather than choosing two or three different strains.

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There are hundreds of different strains and breeds of marijuana making it an incredibly hard item to choose from. That being said, knowing a bit about a few different types that are becoming popular may help you decide just what strain is right for you. One strain that is gaining in popularity is the Madzilla strain. This strain is named for none other than a woman that claims she is the world’s most famous pot head.

The strain is known to be particularly potent with a few other attributes that make it a bit more special than your run of the mill marijuana strain. The strain is also known for a few attributes that are particular to it such as its aroma, potency, and overall feeling that it gives the user.
Though the stronger the marijuana the more likely that the user is going to experience adverse affects, Madzilla gives the user a more mellow high that is pleasant and that can help combat common medical issues.
Much like other strains of marijuana, this can be used for medical purposes like glaucoma, pain, and other issues. This strain is a cross between King Louis XIII and Skywalker Sweet Pine so it is aromatic and somewhat floral.
This has the best of both strains in it and it is known to relax sore muscles and help ease body pain. Like many other strains, this is bred to be mellow enough that you can use it more often than others and it does offer full body effects which is nice for any user that is using it for medical purposes.
The look of Madzila is also a bit out of the ordinary with very dark green hues and bright orange pistils as well as a layer of thick sticky trichomes. This is a very earthy and somewhat heavy strain that is certainly going to leave you knowing that you have had a good batch. This also has some floral notes that are attributed to the Skywalker. This is overall a great strain for those that need help with pain and stiffness but that do not want a marijuana that is going to leave them twitchy and high strung.
As of yet this is a relatively new strain so there is not much information available about it. There is sure to be more information come out soon as this strain gains in popularity and begins to be distributed among the marijuana smoking populace.
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While society’s view on marijuana is now in a transitional phase, with four states and various cities taking up voter-based initiatives to legalize the substance for both recreational and medicinal purposes. The cause of this, is of course due to an assortment of factors, which now lead us to believe marijuana is not as harmful as we once had previously perceived. New evidence today actually contradicts our prior beliefs, showing that cannabis is actually an effective source of medicine, for those who struggle with a vast assortment of differing conditions.

Today we are going to take an in-depth approach to the marijuana strain “Russian Assassin”. First off, Russian Assassin is an indica dominant hybrid strain of cannabis that has proven itself to me as a highly potent form of medicine, with medical benefits ranging from all ends of the spectrum. This came as no surprise to me, being that this strain is a hybrid stemming from three powerful indica hybrids; Skywalker, Lemon OG Kush, and Headband.

As a medicinal marijuana patient myself, I found this medicine most successful to combat against:
• Stress and Anxiety
• Nausea and Lack of Appetite
• Insomnia and Other Sleep Deprivation Issues
• Virtually All Forms of Body Pain
• Those Struggling with Depression

Similar to most forms of treatments out there, I noticed some minor side effects from this medication. These side effects were simply limited to dry mouth and dry eyes, which may cause acute irritation to some. However, I found this to be entirely irrelevant, based upon the nearly instantaneous relief I felt from this strain of cannabis. After smoking this through a water filtered glass bong, the medicinal properties were detected almost immediately. Within less than five minutes my nausea and discomforting body pain began to subside. I found the buds to have a dense and heavy appearance, which is fairly typical for indica flowers. Russian Assassin actually had quite a pleasant taste, best described as a sweet, fruity, and pungent taste. Additionally, as with most marijuana strains I found this breed to have a very distinct aroma. I find the optimal use of Russian Assassin to be a couple hours before bed, due to the fact that this cannabis strain allows me to comfortably have a light snack before bed and my pain and discomfort recedes. The entirety of these factors allows me to rest peacefully, especially due to the powerful sedative effects.

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Cinderellas Dream Strain Review

With the amount of strains that have become available to the public for medical purposes, it seems almost impossible to pick and choose which ones will be a good fit for you, and which will be just another trial and error test run. This article is meant to help you and narrow down your choices by simply going over the strain, the pros and cons to let you analyze it and make an informed decision based on what you find.

Knowledge is power and you’re taking the right step by doing some research on your strains BEFORE purchasing and spending cash.

Cinderellas Dream Strain Highlights

Cinderella’s Dream is the child strain from its parents – Cinderella 99 and Blue Dream strains, making it a sativa dominant hybrid between the two. It’s said to have a mix of citrus and lemon flavors and a small notice amount of sweet berry, making it a heavy and skunky mix compared to the other lighter ones out there.

The strain is said not to be underestimated as it usually has a much stronger and potent and strong effects to it if overdone quickly or at all. It’s heavily recommended for daytime use as it provides bursts of energy to its user.

Effects of the Strain

While the overall effects of the Cinderella Strain varying between users, its reviews (that can be found sporadically online and through venders who do sell the strain) usually show these five main effects in order from the most noticeable to the least noticeable.

• Euphoric
• Uplifted
• Happy
• Energetic
• And creative

People say that a little goes a long way in means of this strain, and to keep that in mind before lighting up. There are some negative effects as well, listed in order from most noticeable to the least.

• Dry mouth
• Dry eyes
• Paranoia
• Headaches
• Dizziness

Medical Benefits of Cinderella’s Dream

• Anxiety
• Stress
• Depression
• Pain
• Lack of appetite

This strain is heavily used to help rid anxiety, and has been extremely beneficial to those who use it for this reason.

Places To Purchase

• Denver
• Colorado Springs
• For Collins
• San Diego
• West Hollywood
• Portland
• Ann Arbor
• Anchorage
• Seattle
• Bellingham
Keep in mind that these aren’t the ONLY places to purchase the strain, but the are definitely the most popular, and your chances of finding will be the highest.
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