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The legalization of marijuana has allowed the birth of many hybrid plants. These medical strains have been populated to have the specific effects that are needed by those who are using nature for medicinal purposes. Native Roots is the creator of the custom strain that is called Griz Kush. In correlation with Root Cellar Genetics, they have created a hybrid that is getting rave reviews. Not only is it able to relax the user, but it also has amazing potential to increase appetite and stimulate creativity.

Griz Kush is A Blend of Two Amazing Strains

The hybrid has genetic components of Tangerine Haze and also Pakistani Chitral Kush. Named after the famous musician, GRiZ, he selected these two based on their intense flavors and the effects that it gave him. Users will notice that this blend has both an earthy and yet a citrus blend at the same time. This allows it to have energy giving aspects, but also allows relaxation too. The flavor is great for those who would rather mix their pot rather than smoke it. Since it has a citrus blend, this would be a great addition to many recipes.

Unique Smell and Taste

The plant itself is quite unique. It has purple coloring and has a tangerine smell to it. The flavors are a mixed combination of pine and oranges all rolled into one. There are some Kush undertones that cannot be ignored. Those who currently use this strain have said that they are prone to periods of euphoria that include laughter. Some say they are absolutely giddy at times. They are also noted to say that they have more creative energy during times of being “high.” Those who suffer with anxiety noticed that their cares drifted away, and their bodies went into total relaxation. It does stimulate the appetite, which is great for those who have medical issues that causes them to avoid food.

A Winner at the People’s Flowers Awards

Some say the plant has a lemon scent and not orange, but the citrus variation are noted. This strain is getting such reviews that it took home the price for second place at the Cannabis Cup this year. This sativa dominant hybrid is mostly carried in the state of Colorado, specifically around the Edgewater and Denver areas. Though it is a rather new crossbreed, it is certainly becoming quite popular for its ample abilities to help those with medical needs.

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If you’re looking for a strain that has quite a lineage, look no further than Tres Dawg. This hybrid plant is definitely not for the faint of heart. It packs a powerful punch at a THC content of around 25%. If you are looking for an intense euphoria that has the ability to relax you, make you happy then this great indicia may be what you’re looking for.

Where to Find This Strain of Marijuana

Currently the best places to find Tres Dawg is in the Seattle, WA area or around Littleton, CO. Its proper name is Violet 25 and some stores will label it under this title than the street slang of “Street Dawg.” If you are looking to medicate for cancers or other serious conditions, this would be the one to consider. It has intense powers that make it something that is not just for everyone.

It’s Lineage

With a THC as high as this plant’s, it’s a strong bud that should be reserved for when you don’t have to go anywhere. This dominant hybrid is a blend of Afghani #1 and a mix of Chemdawg strains. Other hybrid were spun from this one, like Star-dawg, Appalachia, and of course Dawg’s Waltz.

Its Effects

Tres Dawg is known for relaxation, which is one of the main effects of the plant. In fact, it makes you so sleepy that you won’t probably be able to function normally. It also is known for making you have the munchies, feel giddy and calm anxieties. Because it is not as well known around the country yet, it may be difficult to get your hands on this one. Check your local dispensaries to see if they have it under either its street or pharmaceutical name.


Though there are better tasting strains, this one is a mixture of a chemical taste with pine undertones. Again, it’s not going to win any prize on its flowering aromas, but it will on its amazing effects. Because of this stain’s intense properties, it has been known to help many who have medical needs that are of a severe nature. Those who suffer with debilitating anxiety or medical conditions of great pain have found great relief with this peculiar mixture.

The long lasting effects of this plant have allowed some to medicate less often and feel the effects for lengthier periods.

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A hybrid developed from crossing two of the most pleasing strains of medical marijuana, Haze and Blueberry, Blueberry X Haze provides a pleasant high and a sweet tasting smoke. Blueberry X Haze has built its own reputation by producing a comforting feeling, easing pain without producing an overly groggy effect. That is unless you overdo it, so be sure to pace yourself, or you will be headed off to dreamland.

While many hybrid growers have probably made at least an attempt to cross Blueberry and Haze, DJ Short is credited with being the original creator of Blueberry X Haze strain. Blueberry X Haze offers most of the positive effects of both its parents without most of the negative psychedelic effects of the straight Haze strain.

Blueberry X Haze has dark green buds with light-green highlights. Dark orange fibers extend outward from the buds with a light sprinkling of whitish crystalized HTC.

The taste of Blueberry Haze X is very soft on the pallet with a slight lemon-rind flavor with subtle earthy undertones. The lemony flavor remains on the pallet for some time, producing a very long finish.

The Blueberry Haze strain produces a light, pleasing and intensely inviting floral aroma that many users report as being reminiscent of Blue Dream. Of course that shouldn’t come as a surprise as Blue Dream, a cross of Blueberry and Super Silver, has genetics very similar to Blueberry Haze. When whole, Blueberry Haze X smells similar to a freshly-mowed lawn, but after it is broken down it produces a light lemony aroma with just a hint of vanilla.

The effects most commonly reported from smoking Blueberry Haze X begin with a relaxing state and nearly instantaneous improvement in mood, but with a sativa-like effect and upbeat, perky feeling. After a few puffs a very slight, but calm, overall buzz will rapidly spread throughout your entire body. This makes Blueberry Haze ideal for delivering relief from chronic stress and minor pain, especially after a long day at work. When used in moderation, Blueberry Haze can also be used before work as it typically doesn’t produce the sleepiness or heavy highs associated with some strains of medical marijuana. Blueberry Haze is also an ideal choice when dealing with depression or bipolar disorder, as it soothes without taking away your ability to function.

Strain Name: Blueberry X Haze
Type: Hybrid
Grade: B-
Effectiveness: Lasts 1 1/2 to 2 hours

Photo credit: Dr. Brainfish / Source / CC BY-SA

Strain Highlights

Medical marijuana in the United States has come a long way in the last several years, with new strains popping up all over the place, but lemon skunk has been a consistent strain that has been enjoyed for many years. This strain has lemon in its name from the fact that it possesses a citrus like zesty taste that packs a very smooth flavor. Lemon skunk is a cross between two types of skunk and although this strain is typically classified as a sativa dominated hybrid, many phenotypes of this strain have come out recently that are much heavier on the sativa side.
It originally is reported that lemon skunk is about a 60/40, meaning that it is sixty percent sativa and forty percent indica, but a great deal of people feel that it is closer to 80/20 or even higher. Regardless, the high from this strain is classic to that of most sativa dominant strains, in the fact that it is a head high, rather than a body high and delivers an uplifting mood with a bit of a stimulant boost, much like a cup of coffee. Lemon skunk has been proven to be very effective when it comes to managing stress, as well as depression and is grown specifically for this reason. Due to the fact that lemon skunk is a sativa dominant strain that provides a bit of a kick with an uplifted mood, it is not advisable to use this particular strain for alleviating insomnia.
Growing Lemon Skunk
This particular strain stretches very tall when growing, so it’s important to take this into consideration if you are growing this strain indoors. Putting the plants into the flowering stage earlier than you typically would with other strains is advisable, due to the fact that lemon haze plants will always stretch towards the lights much more rapidly than other strains would. Although many sativa strains are known to produce very high yields, lemon skunk has shown to produce moderate amounts, which is significantly less than a typical sativa that stretches and grows very large. Although lemon skunk has a pungent smell of lemon when it is in a container, the hit is said to be more of a skunk taste, which is typical with highly dominant sativa strains.
Overall, lemon skunk has been positively reviewed by thousands of people and the general consensus is that it is a highly energetic, head high and very enjoyable.
Photo credit: mista stagga lee / Source / CC BY

The name “3 Kings” comes from the combination of the variety of strains that derived to this new potent strain. A hybrid strain, this bud is gets it’s flavor and potency from the strains Headband, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush. In appearance, 3 Kings displays many red strands throughout the dark green leafs. The bud is also very compacted and dense.

As for smell, this stain gives off an earthy aroma. As for the overall taste, it comes off as having a strong, harsh taste, any hit will leave you drooling and reaching for your glass of water. Other than the overpowering taste of the sour diesel, this strain also has qualities of sweetness in flavor, making the experience slightly enjoyable, (well lets face it, the experience is enjoyable no matter how hard you cough up a lung).

Due to the 3 Kings habit of uplifting the users spirits, this stain is commonly used for the treatment of depression and anxiety. It leaves the user in a positive mindset even after the effects have worn off after 2 to 3 hours. In more detail, this hybrid is known for relieving such symptoms such as muscle spasms, nausea, mood swings, irritability, anxiety, cramps, headaches, and lack of appetite.

3 Kings is also helpful at reliving such conditions such as ADD, ADHD, asthma, crohn’s disease, dementia, and cachexia. The hybrid has a 19.53% THC concentration as well as a 0.06% CBD. With the use of relieving anxiety, many users feel giddy and social, helping people come out of the user come out of their comfort zone. The user will also have an increase in appetite and helps prevent anorexia and other eating disorders.

Relieving the user of body aches and pains is also another use of this hybrid for medical purposes. 3 Kings has a variety of benefits for it’s patients without the heavy sedation and paranoia that other strains may carry with them. Some other varieties of marijuana that are similar to the 3 Kings are Space Queen, Diamond OG, Chocolate Kush, and Willie Nelson. You can’t go wrong with the 3 Kings as your choice because of the overall effect it has on the body and mind.

Photo credit: Coleen Danger / Source / CC BY-SA


This particular strain of marijuana is a hybrid of cheese and Quirke and is available in three major flavors; cheese, pungent and sweet.
Medicinal value:
Besides the great high rich taste and flavors, it eliminates pain very quickly, hence brilliant as an anti-inflammatory option, also as a pain reliever. You can give a plus for the strong relaxing feeling that it provides as it can be utilize for patients with insomnia.
For caregivers having challenges tackling pain relief for their patients, challenges facing patients who have trouble getting rest and patients with physical injuries, this strain of medical marijuana is the remedy to all these challenges you have been facing. It possesses a high Tetrahydrocannabinol percentage of slightly over 19%.
Ease of intake/consumption:
This particular hybrid strain is smoked easily not only because of the multiple awesome flavors available but also because of the smooth smoke that has a favorable density. You will find its taste as acrid and funky, as mentioned earlier, you may describe it that way because it hints cheese, grape and other fruits with a sour smell. It possesses a high Tetrahydrocannabinol percentage of slightly over 19%.
Besides being smoked, Cheese quake can be vaporized. Once tested, you will be able to simply have it the form of a pill. You can still add it to your food since ground seeds can be blended into brownies or cookies.
Where to get the Cheese quake:
The cheese quake seeds can be bought from TGA subcool seeds, are a combination of sativa and indica genetically in the ratio 40:60. It delivers the kind of high that makes your head tingle initially then your body get one energetic stone afterwards. This strain is, just like other strains bought from TGA subcool, available as regular seeds. There, they are organically produced.
Due to its high demand, TGA occasionally runs out of this strains’ stock which explains how users have been changed positively, by the first use.
Facts about how Cheese quake grows:
If you ask individuals who have had a chance to grow this strain, they will confirm that it grows to a medium height, that it can thrive both in and outdoors and that it bears heavily. It takes an average period of 9 weeks to flower.
Given enough space, insecticides to control fungus gnats and overall attention, it grows like a tree and into a bush if the top is nipped. You can notice that it is rather easy to breed the cheese quake too.
Photo credit: Matthew Kenwrick / Source / CC BY-ND

If you’re a weed smoker, the description of a cannabis that reeks of cat urine or kitty litter, may raise your curiosity, or send you searching elsewhere for your elevated state of euphoria.

However, various trial runs have evaluated the vapor of this strain as actually having a sweet smelling bouquet similar to candy. It is considered by many, who value the final reward, to be worth the first whiff of pungent essence of skunk.

When Traditional Medicine Fails

Sometimes medical procedures like chemotherapy produce lingering nausea and vomiting episodes. This is one of the times when prescription medicines may not relieve the distress. Medical cannabis may be your alternative to bring relief. This may be your miracle herb as it also helps with other debilities:

  • chronic pain
  • migranes
  • insomnia
  • anxiety
  • cancer
In the future, this herb may be in your medicine cabinet. It may bring about hope in having the power to lessen suffering in serious diseases. Being able to function more productively and report back to your creativity, improves lifestyles. By instigating relaxation therapy, it could even help your body heal. A rested body soon rejuvenates and begins to mend and build up energy.

Prescribed or Recommended

The federal government classifies this substance as a schedule 1 drug. Illegal in many countries, a state licensed health care worker doesn’t have the power to prescribe this herb. However, in some instances, writing a recommendation for it is no problem. Once you have the legal paper you can buy it from a proper supplier.


THC is a psychoactive ingredient in pot, and CBD is non-psychoactive. CBD is a substance that can’t be used to get high. This unique quality has a heightened interest in the field of medicine. In the future, some of the ingredients in marijuana may open a window to treat children with epilepsy. Because CBD has the potential to control the mind-altering activity of THC, it may be considered for treating schizophrenia and relieving anxiety.

Grow Your Own Supply

In some states, you may even grow your own weed garden to treat your maladies. Taking up to 9 weeks to flower, it is easily recognized by the long thin foliage. Your own back-yard pharmacy may be your way to a more painless and calming future.

Photo credit: Eric Caballero / Source / CC BY-ND

The Laughing Buddha (Lgb) strain registers particularly high in sativa. It is a robust and hearty hybrid of the Thai (Tha) and Jamaican (Jam) strains. The majority of the world’s supply is grown in Amsterdam, but several popular producers are found in states like California, Colorado and Montana.

Laughing Buddha is exceptional in the relieving of pain and stress causes by glaucoma, arthritis, and mild migraines that are not treated with synthetic barbiturate prescriptions. The most widely reported cessation of medical symptoms comes from people suffering from depression. Individuals electing the Laughing Buddha strain as a natural antidepressant state that the smoke is thick, pungent, and pleasant. Euphoria from serotonin production is almost immediate. Long-term users of Laughing Buddha notice that the strain’s flavor is not easily masked by other smoke, nor does it become “flat and boring.”

This strain is a high-production variety presenting huge colas in mature female crops. The bundles are most often described as “frosty,” effervescent, and trichomatic. This strain is grown in both equatorial regions, as well as, places where sunlight is intermittent. The unique crossing makes Laughing Buddha appropriate for indoor hydro set-ups, and outdoor plots. Considering the type of light the plants are exposed to, flowering and maximum potency occurs between 12-14 weeks.

This is probably not the best strain to raise for new growers since Lgb can be temperamental from seed. Once the plant is established however, it will produce lush and full canopies. Laughing Budda takes ten or fifteen minutes to embed in the system. Once in the bloodstream, the calming effect is extremely pleasant and last four or five hours. Considering its positive application for countering many medical conditions, the cost and availability of Laughing Buddha is attractive and a great choice.

Photo credit: MarihuanayMedicina / Source / CC BY-SA