Even those who are in later stages of cancer have still found that they are able to find a way to get well. Cannabis has been used a cure for cancer many times, and it can bring hope for those who want to start feeling better and living longer despite their diagnosis.

Second Time Around

This older couple had already beat cancer once in their lives, but it had now come back. After surviving breast cancer and non-Hodgkin lymphoma using traditional means, it seemed that it was going to be the end this time. This time around they found that the traditional treatments were just too much, and were completely wearing out their bodies. They were losing their short term memory, and they were also finding that they were having trouble with basic things like writing. They lived in the first state that legalized the use of marijuana for medical treatments. Soon after starting using this, they were able to start sleeping and eating again. Miraculously, they didn’t even need oxygen anymore. The turnaround was amazing.

Curing Brain Cancer

Another astounding patient decided to refuse to continue with the traditional chemotherapy treatments. Amazingly, she was able to start shrinking the tumor in her brain simply using cannabis. Over time, she find that her MRIs continued to get better, and she continued to feel better as well. Despite this, she noticed that doctors didn’t even notice this, and she wanted them to start remembering that she was a person and not just a statistic.

Cannabis Curing Skin Cancer

Another woman had a lot of serious medical problems, including having a heart attack, skin cancer and anal cancer. She had gone through a lot of the same difficult medical treatments, and wasn’t sure what she was going to do. She had been going through many types of radiation, and found that it was very painful. They were also informed that they were doing the radiation in a place that could do serious damage. In a matter of weeks after starting to use cannabis for her cancer, she found that her spots of skin cancer started to disappear. She soon found that her pain started to disappear as well. This really help to cure that cancer that was in her body.

These are all inspiring stories of how cannabis really changed people’s lives. There are many different ways that this can help, and those who are having trouble with traditional cures can consider this option.

Photo credit: Dank Depot / Foter.com / CC BY

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