medical-marijuanaFor many medicinal marijuana users, marijuana is more than a way to unwind after a hard day at work. Medicinal marijuana is part of a recovery program for many patients because of the various ways cannabis affects the body. Whether suffering from severe anxiety or cancer, cannabis could be an option for treatment. With few negative side effects, it is possible that there will be a major increase in medicinal marijuana use in the near future.

One of the most noticeable affects of cannabis use is the alleviation of chronic pain. This offers patients more comfort than some traditional drugs, such as pills. Different strains of the plant could produce a milder effect, which will affect the senses in different ways. Patients who are suffering from back pain or a condition that creates aching in the body, such as arthritis, may have an uplifting benefit when they smoke medicinal marijuana. Because the body’s natural reaction to marijuana is to relax, pain from constant movement can become more controlled and regulated. This is especially important for patients who experience pain that hinders movement.
Part of the reason medicinal marijuana is becoming more common is its natural ability to fight cancer. This is due to its THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, content. THC works to reduce the cancer’s ability to spread, slowing down its progress significantly. One study even showed that THC worked to destroy cancerous brain cells, leaving the health ones untouched. More and more studies are being completed to show the effects of THC on the disease.
Another benefit is that the plant naturally stimulates hunger. Many people who have suffered from a terminal illness, such as AIDS, have trouble eating during treatment. Having a major loss of appetite can hinder at-home care and slow the treatment process, making patients too weak for treatments such as chemotherapy. Smoking or baking the plant into food can help patients to regain their lost appetite and start eating regularly again.

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