Cannabis has been a big topic in healthcare news recently. Patient benefits, drug interactions with existing medications, and potentially being habit forming are just a few of the topics on the minds of healthcare providers, officials, and patients alike. Researchers are currently undertaking extensive clinical investigations to the benefits of cannabis and how it can be used as a treatment for illnesses as a whole, symptoms, and/or side effects.

Naturally, the findings of the investigations have sparked a greater interest among patients as to how cannabis can be used as a treatment option with their current health condition. Patients that are considering this option should take into consideration a few factors and discuss them with their doctors to find the best solution to their medical needs.

The most basic question would be, “how will this help my condition“? For example, epileptic patients in studies have shown a direct correlation between the use of cannabis and a decrease in the amount of seizures that occur and some cancer patients have found it to be therapeutic to help with pain from chemotherapy.

Patients also want to find out what are the potential side effects of the use of cannabis? If there is a potentially high risk, could taking cannabis in another form reduce those risks but produce the same therapeutic effects as if inhaled from smoke. Additionally, patients should ask their doctor if they have treated other patients with similar conditions and what were the results of the treatment.

Also, taking into consideration age, previous health issues, and stage of condition as well when comparing cases. Patients should inquire about current state guidelines regarding cannabis referrals with their doctors.Some states have a strict guideline as to whether or not it can be used.

Lastly, patients need to ask their doctor about whether this can be a long-term or short-term treatment option in conjunction with or without current medications. Patients should take into consideration these five questions with their doctor when considering cannabis as a treatment option. As it is a developing treatment, it should be handled with doctor supervision and care on the patients part if recommended.

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