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Grape God is a cross between God bud and Grapefruit from a generic point of view. The buds are very dense and have a round shape when compressed. The hairs on it are a light orange pinkish color. The smell is described as a dull grapefruit smell and the fruity hint is over powered by the grape-like taste. It has a creaminess fruity-like taste that fills the taste buds.

Buzz type and Buzz length

Many individuals have indicated that the buzz they do get from the Grape God tends to hit them hard; however, they can still function with a joyous high. The length of the high may take anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours. Thereafter, the nap feeling kicks in.

Medical marijuana strains are submitted by the following states:
• Arizona
• California
• Colorado
• Maine
• Maryland
• Michigan
• Montana
• New Jersey
• Rhode Island
• Washington

The governor of New York recently announced that the state would pilot a medical marijuana program. Since then, he has made good on his word, therefore, New York has become the 23rd state that has legalized medical marijuana. The pilot program is more restricted and the program is designed to benefit patients suffering from diseases such as cancer, epilepsy and AIDS. Further restrictions do include the following:

• A limited number of authorized businesses will be allowed to grow and distribute the herb.
• Qualified patients must receive prescriptions from state-approved physicians.
• Qualified patients must carry registration cards.
• Any patients caught selling the prescribed medical marijuana will face misdemeanor charges.

Grape God traits

Grape God has high concentration of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which can be used for pain, great for relaxation, alteration of visual, auditory, olfactory senses, fatigue, and appetite stimulation. Grape God is known to be a handy and a multipurpose medical herb.

Grape God availability can be found in dispensaries near you with Grape God in stock. One would have to research this information on the internet. A medical marijuana strain locator can be used as part of the searches. The abuse of medical marijuana is illegal. Individuals have to take the correct measures to obtain the herb and not use it for recreational purposes or as a form of income.

Alien OG is an Alien Kush and Tahoe OG hybrid. It is an original Bay area hybrid strain that is the latest top shelf iteration in many California-based dispensaries. The indica is highly dominant, and it can have a THC percentage of approximately thirty percent under the correct circumstances. Alien OG is a medicinal strain without a doubt. People who find the actual act of smoking to be soothing will not be able to enjoy Alien OG because its potency will preclude sustained smoking. Tokers will always talk up a brand with a high THC percentage, but this is true medicine.

No one will smoke Alien OG for an extended period of time in one sitting. Blunt smokers will not be able to stuff a personal fatty and relax through a night of gaming. However, medicinal users that should not have tobacco can have a quick toke, and still receive ample medicinal relief. After all, marijuana is about variety in strain, flavor and potency. Because joints and blunts become stronger if they are lit and put out for any period of time, Alien OG is a pipe weed, and the dosage has to be monitored closely to avoid sleep unless this is the desired effect. If this strain is made more potent by the lighting and re-lighting process, at some point, it would be almost unsmokeable.

The non-smoked odor of Alien OG is very strong. To carry without offending fellow riders or passengers, the herb will have to be sealed air tight more than once. No outward scent will mask its smell, and the odor will be undeniable. The high is all encompassing; therefore, it is only responsible to not intake Alien OG while operating any vehicle or machinery. This is not study or test taking herb. The user will be significantly impaired. This means that casual users will have to simply sit and enjoy the effects. Medicinal users will welcome the fast onset of the effects with small doses.

Alien OG is not even recommended for smoking in the morning soon after waking. The high can be sustained for approximately three hours under the right condition. For medicinal users, this sustained high can somewhat counteract the high prices that new novelty, high potency strains can command. Simply talking about the effects of novelty smoking takes away from the medicinal value of these higher rated strains. The ability to have a fast onset of the effects, endure less smoke and enjoy the taste is part of the tremendous medicinal value of Alien OG.

 To appreciate the benefits of the medical marijuana Cinex strain requires a solid knowledge of the strain origin as well as the chemical ratio making up this particular variety of cannabis. Cinex is a hybrid strain of cannabis cultivated from both indica and sativa plant species, resulting in the perfect balance of both. Descriptive in its appearance, the soft, lush buds carry a fine coating of natural forming crystals while producing a citrus flavor and aroma as well as a mild smoke.

Breakdown of Cinex Strain Composition
Almost all cannabis includes three common chemical compounds of cannibinoids; they are CBD, CBN and THC.

  • CBD:(Cannabidiol) resin producer, which allows regulation of the receptor system of the brain
  • CBN:(Cannabinol) acts as a blood-brain barrier and assists in regulating the central nervous system
  • THC:(Tetrahydrocannabinol) receptor and nerve cell binder

Most medical cannabis averages a THC ratio of 10 to 20%, whereas the Cinex strain provides the highest level of 22.20% THC. Additionally, the sativa ratio found in this Cinex strain averages between 50% and 60% with indica averaging 40% to 50%, providing a sufficient balance of both. These ratios are important, as this is what sets Cinex apart from other strains.

The human body naturally produces endocannabinoids, which are brain receptor chemicals regulating our bodies reaction to stimuli. However, this natural secretion lasts briefly whereas the cannibinoids found in the Cinex strain last much longer. This aids individuals who suffer from a variety of autoimmune diseases and other chronic conditions. Receptors within the brain signal the body to feel pain, stress, anxiety or nausea. The cannibinoids housed within the Cinex strain bond to these receptors and assist to alleviate many conditions such as autoimmune diseases i.e.; rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy as well as the side effects caused by many cancer treatments.

The endocannabinoid system housed within the brain is also responsible for regulating stress and anxiety with the release of chemicals referred to as neurotransmitters. When anxious or stressed, the chemical secretion alleviates anxiousness. However in some cases this process slows significantly or stops functioning completely, which can lead to anxiety disorders i.e., panic attacks, insomnia, blood pressure irregularity and heart disease. The cannibinoids in the Cinex strain assist in balancing the endocannabinoid system, while providing sufficient chemical neurotransmitter levels. The calming effect produced aids in many sleep disorders.

As medical marijuana therapy becomes more and more mainstream, patients have more and more options among plants strains to choose from. One such strain now showing up in dispensaries is Red Dragon. This strain is a cultivated hybrid, the result of combining a Brazilian strain with a Himalayan one, and has long been popular with recreational smokers for its “exotic” highs. It certainly has a catchy name, but does the Dragon offer much in the way of medical benefits?

The Good News First

The most positive news about this strain is that when it’s effective, it’s really effective. Red Dragon has a strong, pleasant taste alternately described as “piney” or “fruity”. Red Dragon has a strong, pine tree like aroma,and a slow acting, long lasting effect. Users have not noted an immediate effect when consuming this product, but note that when it does become apparent, it provides relief for hours. For those who found relief with this strain, it appeared to be most useful as a anti-stress medication or to relieve depression. It’s important to note here however, that while this drug has been smoked recreationally for its “happy” highs, a negative side effect for some users has been paranoia. Because of this, some patients should be cautious in using Red Dragon as a treatment for anxiety or stress. Red Dragon has also shown good results as an anti-nausea medication. It’s also somewhat effective as an appetite enhancer. While Red Dragon doesn’t usually produce a sedative effect, users felt it enhanced or improved sleep, probably because of the sense of over-all well being it promotes. MS sufferers reported some good results, again probably largely to its anti-stress effects.

But It’s Not All Good News

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with feeling good, and those who get that effect from Red Dragon feel really, really good. But if you want to feel more than “euphoric” when consuming this product? You might be less satisfied. For example, as a treatment for migraines, Red Dragon not only doesn’t alleviate symptoms, it seems to trigger them. Users found this strain to be largely ineffective in relieving pain, regardless of the malady causing it. As a result, those suffering from back issues, arthritis, and fibromyalgia among other complaints found this strain to be not very useful. Glaucoma sufferers and those consuming it as an anti-seizure medication also found Red Dragon to be ineffective.

The bottom line? Red Dragon has some limited medical use, especially as an anti-depressant, but should be used with caution because of side effects, which include the aforementioned paranoia, and some functioning capabilities.

The cartoon character Bruce Banner is a quiet withdrawn physicist who undergoes a striking transformation into a powerful creature known as the Hulk, with tremendous strength of body and mind. Finding its origins in Colorado, the Bruce Banner strain of marijuana, named for this amazing fictitious personality, has received a lot of attention. A hybrid of the sativa strain with energizing and uplifting properties and the indica for its relaxing properties, this strain offers both worlds to its users. It provides a powerful psychological high as well as having a beneficial effect physically.


The psychological effects of marijuana are attributed to the chemical THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). For the most part, the concentration of THC in marijuana found on the street is usually around 15%. Top notch marijuana averages 15 to 23% THC. Of the different strains tested, Bruce Banner #3, the third phenotype of this strain, is currently considered to have the highest percentage of the chemical, coming in with a concentration of more than 28%.


Bruce Banner #3 has a strong, sweet smell, and a few say it may make a user cough, attributing this to the high trichome count on the plant. Furthermore, it provides an initial rush (often within five minutes) so intense that some claim it affects their equilibrium. The rush from Bruce Banner comes on quickly, and then is followed by an energetic period in which the user feels productive and upbeat. Finally, it has a relaxing quality. With a peak approximately 25 minutes after ingestion, it can provide a number of hours of relaxation and there is no crash when its effects end.

Bruce Banner #3, is not actually looked at as a traditional pain relief option, but it does bring a reprieve from pain. The benefits include, but are not limited to:
• Fighting depression
• Fighting stress and anxiety
• Relieving pain (for migraines and more)
• Initially boosting energy
• Relaxing after initial rush
• Stimulating the appetite

Unfortunately, Bruce Banner is not readily available across the country. It is mostly found in the Colorado area and is not an everyday option in the eastern part of the United States.

Bruce Banner is often considered preferable for daytime use, and because of its high concentration of THC and its strong effects, a smaller dosage is usually recommended for first time users. It is, however, an effective and useful strain that demands to be investigated.

Perma Frost Strain of Marijuana

Not all-medical marijuana users or medical staff may be familiar with a strain of marijuana developed from two other strains of marijuana known as, Trainwreck and White Widow. These two strains known world-over for their properties by medical marijuana users and medical staff may need some additional information in regards to the Perma Frost strain that is a hybrid strain of Marijuana.

The permafrost strain of marijuana presents an outgrowth of hair-like substances that are thick and frosty in appearance on the plant leaves and is largely a Sativa strain.

Characterizes of Perma Frost

Since all individuals are, different in the way he or she tastes and smells scents and in the way he or she may react to varying strains of marijuana, they may or may not experience all or part of the following characterizes of Perma Frost. Most do agree that this strain leaves the person feeling as though they want to and need to get things accomplished. These good side effects listed, by many reviews lasts all day. Morning and afternoon is the best time to use this strain of marijuana.

• Smells of exotic fruit, mango, pine scent, strawberry, and of citrus
• For Day time use
• Tastes great
• Offers users pain control
• Allows creative thoughts to flow
• Offers increase in energy
• Increases focus
• Increases communication
• Leaves feelings of happiness with an uplifting aura

As with anything in life, there may be some side effects. Individuals may or may not experience a dry mouth, a headache, some slight dizziness, dry eye syndrome and possibly some paranoia. The terminally ill patient on Perma Frost may see an increase in appetite and notice a decrease in nausea; possibly, from their illness or other medications prescribed by their doctor.

What Makes Perma Frost Different from other Marijuana Strains?

This marijuana strain is effective for eliminating or greatly decreasing chronic aches and pains, however, research found this strain to be less effective for chronic pain that is at a severe level. Research found that Perma Frost is an excellent marijuana strain to those symptoms from depression related disorders.

• Eliminates high stress
• Eliminates anxiety
• Decreases or eliminates nervousness
• Takes the feelings of fatigue away
• Removes tension

Many patients suffering from the following conditions may find the strain of Perma Frost very helpful in eliminating symptoms and see an overall improvement in condition.

• Multiple Sclerosis
• Gastrointestinal Disorders
• Anxiety
• ADD and ADHD
• Arthritis
• Asthma

Medical marijuana is all about finding the best product and the one that works best. Many are realizing the potent ability of the Jack Flash mix. It is a cross between Super Skunk and Haze varieties and has very good strength. It comes in three flavor combinations earthy, citrus and pine. Those who have this used this variety find that the mind and body potency it provides is simply unparalleled. Because it is a quick hitting high, it allows a person to have a good time when using it for both medicinal and recreational uses.

The Benefits of Using Jack Flash

Those who use this brand of marijuana state that they are happy, relaxed, contented, uplifted and even focused. This strain is mostly popular in Colorado and Arizona, although it can be purchased in most areas where medical strains are grown. Many users describe the high as productive. It doesn’t mellow a person to the point of where they are unable to concentrate or accomplish any tasks; it just puts the body in a deep state of relaxation.

Though the flavor combinations it provides is not as high in reviews as other strands, the euphoric feelings it provides certainly is. This particular type is well used in patients who have depression, common headaches, constant nausea, chronic stress and severe pain. It is also known to be of great benefit to those who suffer from anxiety, Bipolar, PTSD and ADHD.

Side Effects of Jack Flash

Jack Flash does have some common side effects that are mild and hardly bothersome. Some people note that it produces dry mouth, which is common of any type of marijuana. Dry eyes are another common condition that occurs with usage. A small percentage of people will experience paranoia and anxiety, but typically it treats these conditions and doesn’t aggravate them. The most common side effect to using this strain is lots of laughter, and if that is a side effect, it is one most people want. The overall mood seems to heighten and be altered for the better.

Why Use Jack Flash?

There are many strains out there to choose from for medicinal purposes. Jack Flash is one of the unique blends that have been known to treat some of the bigger name issues. Not only will it treat common pain and headaches, but it also can help with Bi-polar, Schizophrenia and even Asthma.

There are many different strains of medical marijuana being grown these days and the Purple Cream Strain is the strain that will be covered here. It is an Indica type of marijuana as opposed to sativa type. Indica plants tend to be a shorter and wider variety of the marijuana plant. Sativa plants tend to grow taller and thinner. For indoor growing purposes Indica plants would be the way to go. Unless one is working with a high roof it is better to grow the sativa marijuana strains outside. Some of the strains can grow up to twenty five feet in height!

Trichomes are very small bubble shaped growths that are usually clear in color that grow on the buds of the Purple Cream Marijuana Bud. Some of the marijuana leaves have a bluish, purple tip, giving the pot it’s name. Purple Cream has many of these trichomes in the buds of the plant. The trichomes are the things that contain the chemical THC. THC causes the high felt by the pot smoker.

Purple Cream Marijuana has a distinctive sweet fruity type of smell when smelled when it is in a jar. When the bud is broken up it turns into a more sour type smell mixed with the fruity smell. When smoked it is not the kind of pot that can make one hack and cough. The smoke is very light and smooth and burns clean in the pipe. One can taste the fruity flavor while smoking.

This is a strong form of indica pot. The effects come on quickly and produce a numbing effect along with an effect of being relaxed. It can work good to help one sleep or for pain. As with other types of indica pot it can also relax muscles, relieves muscle spasms and can help in reducing seizures. It can also help to relieve headaches and anxiety and stress.

The other kind of pot called Sativa works a bit differently than Indica Pot, which Purple Cream is a member of. Sativa pot can produce feelings of well being and being at ease. It causes up lifting thoughts and can stimulate and energize the person. Focus and creativity can be improved and it can help to relieve depression.

The pot around today is not your father’s or grandfather’s pot. The pot of today has been found to have many medicinal uses and recreational ones.

The Willie Nelson strain is much lauded for its euphoric high and body buzz. It promotes artistic and creative behavior and helps to relieve many symptoms associated with depression. This strain is dominantly sativa and won the 2005 High Times Cannabis Cup.

This strain was created specifically for its namesake. Willie Nelson enjoys old school sativa blends and this was right up his alley. It’s a mix of Vietnamese and Highland Nepalese, leaving one with an uplifted yet spacey feeling.

Color and Taste
The buds are a light green color with a lot of red hairs. If one looks closely, they can sometimes see purplish hues throughout. It has a mostly sweet taste with a bit of sour on exhale.

Most people find that the Willie Nelson strain especially promotes creativity and artistic ability. Due to its sativa heritage, it leaves one giggly, happy and relaxed. The lesser effects are increased energy and an uplifted feeling. However, some feel it’s more of a bedtime bud because it has an intense heady high that can leave one feeling a bit spacey.

Medical Qualitities
Its medicinal qualities are numerous. Many people enjoy this strain because it helps a lot with depression and anxiety. People suffering from ADD and ADHD will find the high relaxes and calms the mind, allowing one to concentrate and focus. With its headyness, the Willie Nelson strain has been known to help those dealing with bipolar disorder as well.

The Downsides
There are only a few downsides associated with this bud. The strongest being an intensely dry mouth, or “cotton-mouth” feeling. Some have claimed it dries the eyes and can leave them feeling a bit paranoid.

Attributes of the Plants
The plants themselves have a 70 – 75 day lifecycle. The buds produced will be flowery with a super-sweet smell while still on the plant. They are typically large plants providing well over an ounce once dried.

The Willie Nelson strain is considered very potent. On a scale from 1 – 10, with 10 being the strongest, most place it at around 8 or 9. This strain is especially good for medicinal needs. Its effects on the body and mind promote relaxation and a stress-free attitude.

The Green Ribbon Strain is a strain of medical marijuana used to treat a variety of conditions from anxiety to insomnia, as well as pain relief. The Green Ribbon Strain is a sativa dominant hybrid; it is comprised of Green Crack and another strain, or possible more. The lineage is a little fuzzy as to what the other strain (or strains) is that makes up this hybrid, but the probable parents are: Trainwreck, White Rhino, Afgoo, or Afghanica. Generally, this strain of cannabis contains a THC content of 12-20%, and can have a very potent effect on the patient.

Green Ribbon has a light green bud with distinct orange hairs. The buds are fluffy, but they are also extremely sticky. The smell is described as being a pleasant mix of light floral and fruity notes, but also very pungent and strong with citrus-like undertones. Green Ribbon has a sweet, earthy taste, but it also leaves a slight citrus aftertaste.
The effects from Green Ribbon vary, however, many people report feeling the sativa-like effects, providing them with uplifting energy and motivation. It is also widely reported that Green Ribbon produces a very strong, full body effect, but it helps the mind to relax, allowing the patient to experience a stress-free mindset.
Most patients that have used this strain report a heady, energetic effect that made them feel happy and uplifted. Other patients reported feeling euphoric and focused after using Green Ribbon. Of course, as with everything there are negative side effects, also. Half of patients report dry mouth as the most common negative side effect of Green Ribbon. Other negative effects mentioned are: dizziness, dry eyes, and paranoia. A minimal amount of people also report a headache after medicating with Green Ribbon.
Good For….
Many medical issues can be treated by this particular strain of cannabis. Green Ribbon is known to help regulate sleep, helping to treat those with insomnia. It is also helpful for treating such conditions as anxiety, depression and ADD/ADHD, due to its ability to relax the mind and relieve stress. It has also been reported that Green Ribbon can be used for pain relief, and is helpful to patients suffering from migraines, nausea, and even Multiple Sclerosis.
This hybrid, with the body effects of a sativa and the mind effects of an indica strain, is a well rounded solution for a number of medical issues, and can be used to bring relief to many people.