The A-10 is a rising strain becoming very popular in the Bay Area. These beautiful buds run green to yellow green in color with orange hairs and carry a fruity scent with some lemon notes. A-10, a powerful indica, has a light earthy taste and provides a very heavy body stone. Known for its sedative effects the strain is recommended for use at night and one should avoid operating heavy machinery after use. It is excellent for insomnia or chronic pain patients because of the sedative effects and provides a mellow relaxing state before sleep.

Properties of A-10
– The A-10 is high in CBD which will also provide help with muscle spasms, tremors, convulsions, and inflammation.
– The THC content is no slouch either hovering just above 18%, the A-10 packs a serious punch and has seen very high success rates for sleep disorders.
– A-10 can also promote a creative state and a clear head as a pure indica strain. Many users find that with more consistent sleep they are able to think straighter and stay more focused during the day as well.
The A-10 is also promising for anxiety and nausea with effects lasting anywhere from 2-3 hours. The calming and pain relieving attributes have also helped with migraines and PMS.
A-10 Effects

The A-10 can produce feelings of euphoria and very commonly lifts the sprits but be sure to have a beverage handy as many users cite dry mouth as a strong side effect of the medicine. Other side effects include, but less noticeably, dry eyes, paranoia, and dizziness. If you have experience with paranoia in other pure indica strains exercise caution when taking the A-10. The strong body stone effects can occasionally make the user feel unexpected sensations that result in paranoia but most find this feature relaxing and a strong benefit of the CBD heavy indica strain.

Overall the A-10 is a solid choice for anyone looking for help sleeping, with chronic pain, anxiety, or CBD specific muscle disorders and may even help spark some creativity or uplift those with depressed moods or even mild chronic depression. The strain is of afgani origin and flowers in 7 to 8 weeks with moderate yield and should be around to stay. Pick some up today and let us know what you think.

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