If you are not familiar with the different strains of a plant it might not normally concern you, on the other hand if you plan on using marijuana for medicinal purposes, the agent orange strain might be of interest to you. Like most plants, there are different strains and marijuana is no exception, how those strains affect you when you use the product could make all the difference in the world.

The first thing you should know about this strain of marijuana is that it is considered as a hybrid which is a combination of Sativa and Indica. It is a mix between orange velvet skunk, space queen and jack’s cleaner and takes between 1 ½ to 2 months before it matures into a ready to use plant. Tell tale features include white crystals and large buds.

What it can do for you

Some users have claimed results that include,

1)-High levels of pain relief

2)-Increased appetite

3)-Lower levels of stress

4)-Lower levels of depression

5)-Help with issues of insomnia

Other users did not have as much relief on issues as they would have liked, such issues included

1)-Epileptic and other Seizures

2)-Relief with PTSD was low

3)-Anxiety showed almost no improvement

The good things

Many that used the agent orange strain have reported that they experienced thoughts that were happy and they felt a lot more relaxed. Although they found it easier to sleep at night, their energy levels seemed to improve during the day. If sexual desire was originally dormant, with the orange strain it appeared to arouse the user. They also claimed to think more and wanted to express their creativity.

Not so good things

Like most medications, there are a few side effects, some more than others. Complaints about dry mouth, dry eyes and excessive tiredness were unusually high. While some users complained of paranoia, an increased heart rate and a little more sad than usual. A few users complained of their skin experiencing sensations that were both hot and cold.

Is this for you?

We should keep in mind that no two people are exactly the same, in other words, the result experienced by one individual could be the exact opposite of another. As stated before, there are several strains of marijuana and the agent orange strain is just one of them. As a user you could benefit from any one of them, the only question is whether these benefits will work for you.

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