Alien OG is an Alien Kush and Tahoe OG hybrid. It is an original Bay area hybrid strain that is the latest top shelf iteration in many California-based dispensaries. The indica is highly dominant, and it can have a THC percentage of approximately thirty percent under the correct circumstances. Alien OG is a medicinal strain without a doubt. People who find the actual act of smoking to be soothing will not be able to enjoy Alien OG because its potency will preclude sustained smoking. Tokers will always talk up a brand with a high THC percentage, but this is true medicine.

No one will smoke Alien OG for an extended period of time in one sitting. Blunt smokers will not be able to stuff a personal fatty and relax through a night of gaming. However, medicinal users that should not have tobacco can have a quick toke, and still receive ample medicinal relief. After all, marijuana is about variety in strain, flavor and potency. Because joints and blunts become stronger if they are lit and put out for any period of time, Alien OG is a pipe weed, and the dosage has to be monitored closely to avoid sleep unless this is the desired effect. If this strain is made more potent by the lighting and re-lighting process, at some point, it would be almost unsmokeable.

The non-smoked odor of Alien OG is very strong. To carry without offending fellow riders or passengers, the herb will have to be sealed air tight more than once. No outward scent will mask its smell, and the odor will be undeniable. The high is all encompassing; therefore, it is only responsible to not intake Alien OG while operating any vehicle or machinery. This is not study or test taking herb. The user will be significantly impaired. This means that casual users will have to simply sit and enjoy the effects. Medicinal users will welcome the fast onset of the effects with small doses.

Alien OG is not even recommended for smoking in the morning soon after waking. The high can be sustained for approximately three hours under the right condition. For medicinal users, this sustained high can somewhat counteract the high prices that new novelty, high potency strains can command. Simply talking about the effects of novelty smoking takes away from the medicinal value of these higher rated strains. The ability to have a fast onset of the effects, endure less smoke and enjoy the taste is part of the tremendous medicinal value of Alien OG.

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