Medical marijuana is now legal in 23 U.S. States, along with our nation’s capitol, Washington D.C. Although not exact, it is estimated that approximately 779 strains of marijuana are available for medical use, all of which are made of unique genes; thereby, allowing different strains to assist in the healing and relief of different pains and illnesses.

One of the better known and more potent strains is called, Black Tuna.
It was created by a group in British Columbia named, 5 Star Organic. The tuna part of the name comes from this strains odd packaging, setting it apart from any other strain – a tuna can. While the packaging is interesting, it is not what makes this strain so popular. The Black Tuna strain of medical marijuana offers pain relief to event the worst-off chronic pain patients. Black Tuna does this by providing high quantities of THC to its users. Coupled with that, the THC is Black Tuna is absorbed by the patient more quickly, therefore, results and pain relief are provided more easily. The strain is essentially used as narcotic medication would be used with any other chronic pain patient, only it is compiled of natural substances. The strain is a combination of the Lamb’s Bread and Herojuana strains. The creators claim the strain’s strong THC content will remove a user’s need for other, more harmful medicines, such as sleeping pills.
The benefits Black Tuna provides to its users are second to none and something all medical marijuana users should at least look into. This is not only due to the excellent benefits that are potentially gained, but also as an incredible alternative to utilizing more harmful substances throughout treatment of pain and other issues. Sleeping pills, and other narcotics such as Oxycontin, Morphine, Tramadol, etc. are heavily related to abuse, overdose, and dependency.
Marijuana is a naturally occurring substances and even in hybrid forms such as Black Tuna, only naturally occurring substances are utilized; therefore, it automatically becomes the best substitute and alternative to manufactured drugs. While the majority of medical marijuana users are aware of this fact it is always worth mentioning as it is such a huge benefit. This is especially true when it comes to replacing pain killers. The Black Tuna strain of medical marijuana may become the next big thing, patients should act quickly to get their hands on this beneficial new medicine.
Photo credit: Lenny Montana / Foter / CC BY

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