The Blue Champaign Strain is descended from the Blue Dream and Champagne Kush. A sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain is excellent for daytime use. It provides the Blue Dream’s cerebral effects mellowed by the Champagne Kush. This combination offers results regular consumers find ideal for their needs. The flower of the Blue Champaign is light neon green and has dense, large crystals, and a sweet, fruity aroma along with a wonderful flavor. It’s potent yet manageable. Many find it increases their ability to focus and heals a wide variety of ills.

Appearance And Flavor

It is classified as 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. It can grow both indoors or outdoors and requires only intermediate growing skills. Grown indoors, it flowers in 9 – 10 weeks. When grown outdoors, it flowers in early to mid-November. It is great for cloning. The buds are somewhat loose with long hairs. The Blue Champaign Strain produces a moderate to high yield and is great for migraines, inflammation, depression, and general pain relief. The strain has a smooth slightly floral flavor much reminiscent of champagne or white wine. It gives users a very heady yet mellow feeling.


Users begin to feel the effects almost immediately and it usually lasts for up to an hour-and-a-half. The leaves and flowers are coated with trichomes and some experienced patients use Blue Champagne to make a high-quality hash medication to use for their dosing. Originally very popular in California, Blue Champagne can now be found in dispensaries all across the country. It works well in a vaporizer and is a favorite because of its great taste, the ease with which it grows, high yield, quick onset, beautiful appearance, and great potency. Its high THC content makes it a very effective medicine.


Because the THC level of the Blue Champagne is so high, patients do not need to use a large amount to get the desired effect. Many find it makes them happy, energetic, and talkative and enables them to think and work at a very fast pace. It is highly recommended for daytime use. Many use it to improve their mood and alleviate chronic or severe pain, anxiety, stress, and tension. Some users have reported getting dry mouth or eyes after using Blue Champagne. Overall, patients like it because it allows them to remain fully aware and able to easily do all the tasks on their to-do list.

Photo credit: Stay Faded Photography / Foter / CC BY-ND

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