The blue dragon strain is an indica heavy strain that is considered to be an exceptionally powerful strain. The blue dragon strain is a very long lasting strain, and it is able to treat one’s condition for an exceptionally long time. The strain is made by crossing the popular blueberry and sour diesel strains, and it is exceptionally popular on the west coast of the US and Colorado. When purchasing the blue dragon strain it is important to know what it tastes like, what the effects of it are, what conditions it is best at treating, and what the side effects of it are.

Flavor and Appearance

The blue dragon comes in the form of very dense buds that are dark green in appearance. The buds are shot with a lot of purple, and some of the denser forms of the strain may even take on an almost blackish appearance.

When first taking blue dragon, the consumer will first notice a strong berry flavor. This is followed by a strong sweet flavor, and then there is a very long lasting taste of blueberries. The smoke from this train is very dense, and it generally has a very smooth texture. This makes blue dragon a good choice for persons who tend to cough when they smoke.

The Effects and What Conditions it Treats

The effects of blue dragon are typical of strains that are strongly indica. This includes feelings general calm, sleepiness, euphoria. Persons report being feeling very uplifted, happy, and relaxed. The blue dragon is recommended to be taken in a more relaxed situation, and it may be difficult to be sociable while under the effects of blue dragon.

The most common aliments treated with this strain are general mental health problems. It is commonly used to treat insomnia, depression, and anxiety. The blue dragon is exceptionally good at treating feelings of extreme anxiety. It is also very good at treating strain and stress. A lot of persons will take this strain in order to treat back pain and sore muscles.

What are the Side Effects

The side effects of blue dragon are typical of most forms of marijuana. There is a chance that the strain may cause a person to experience feelings of restlessness and anxiety. In addition, this strain will generally cause a person to experience dry mouth, itchy eyes, and sluggishness.

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