If you are looking at purchasing the Blue Dream Strain, you need to know a bit about the marijuana strain and what it is able to do for you. From the medical issues it is able to help to the possible effects and downsides to it, you need to know what to expect, what it is going to do and how your body s going to react. That way, should such an issue take place, you are able to prepare yourself and know what is to come.

Patients Use

Blue Dream Strain is most often used for individuals who are dealing with stress. This is the substantial front runner for individuals who are looking for a calming option. It is also used by those who are dealing with pain and want a natural pain reliever. There are three other o medical issues that Blue Dream Strain is know to assist with, which are depression, insomnia and nausea.


There are five common effects to using the Blue Dream Strain. Most individuals not only experience one of these effects but more than half experience all of the five effects, in some shape or form. It is going to differ slightly, but until you use the Blue Dream Strain for the first time, it is impossible to know exactly what, or how, the five effects are going to alter your personal state.

The most common effect is the feeling of euphoric. Right below this people report feeling uplifted and also creative. A feeling of happiness is the fourth most common effect and finally energetic is the fifth feeling. This is not a strain that is going to make you want to just sit around after you use it. This way, if you do not want to feel tired and drained after using the medicinal marijuana, the Blue Dream Strain is normally going to be an effective option to use.


The most common side effect of using the Blue Dream Strain is dry mouth. Almost everyone who uses it reports a dry mouth feeling. Additionally, almost half of those who use it report dry eyes. About a quarter of the individuals who use the Blue Dream Strain report a feeling of paranoia while about the same also report being dizzy. This is more common with individuals who are using Blue Dream Strain for the first time. Finally, less than 20 percent of users experience a headache after using the Blue Dream Strain.

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