If you live in a location where medicinal marijuana is legal, or if you live in Colorado, Washington or other areas of the country where smoking marijuana in general is legal, than you probably want to check out the different kinds of strains out there. Marijuana is not just a single plant and that is it. There are all sorts of different strains you can enjoy and each provides a different set of benefits. Knowing all of these features regarding the strain is important.

Flavor of Blue Mystic

With Blue Mystic, it has a heavy flavor of diesel fuel, with a mixture of ammonia and even a hint of blueberry. It also has the same flavor points as a vapor rub when you have a cold. It might remind you of a cough drop with the slight hint of blueberry in it, but the diesel and ammonia flavors are much more overwhelming.

Effects of Blue Mystic

In terms of effects, most of the effects you do feel are rather strong. Euphoric is an extremely high profile in terms of effects, followed by happy and relaxed. An uplifted feeling is there, although it is not as strong as the other tree effects. Some people also feel talkative when then use the Blue Mystic strain, although this is not found in everyone (it happens about half of the time, with the euphoric, happy and relaxed sensations occurring almost 100 percent of the time and the uplifted feeling occurring just short of 80 percent of the time).

Blue Mystic Medicinal Qualities

In terms of medical benefits, the top reason to use Blue Mystic is to help with stress. This is almost 100 percent of the medical benefit of the strain. Pain is just under it, and it can help with headaches as well. It is used for insomnia about half of the time, and it does assist with depression around a third of the time. Typically, this form of marijuana strain is used for people who are suffering from anxiety, migraines, who are bipolar, ADD or ADHD or have cancer.

Drawbacks of Blue Mystic

In terms of negative feelings, the most noticeable potential negative side effect is feeling dizzy. Due to this, it is important for someone to build up their tolerance to Blue Mystic and only hit it once when first starting off. A dry mouth happens about a third of the time, dry eyes and paranoia happens around 10 percent of the time and maybe one of of 100 people experience a headache.

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