Blueberry Headband is a marijuana strain derived from the combination blueberry and a popular strain called Sour Kush. It is 75% Indica, meaning, it is derived mainly from seeds and plants that originated north or south of the equator. This an average THC composition in comparison to most other marijuana strains and encourages a calm and collective behavior pattern amount recipients and patients who partake of this strain.

The distinct blend of blueberry and the Sour Kush strain, gives the Blueberry Headband its bluish purple hue from the leaves and the bud exhibiting a frost gray overtone. This delicate balance give the user an immediate fruity blast from the blueberry and subdued by a hint of lemon.

While it is not hard to grow this strain indoors, its indica gene composition makes it quite difficult to find enough room to grow indoor. The stalk usually remains short (less than 3 feet), but the branches and leaves will double its length. Thus, it will create a huge plant that is easier tended outdoor.

The quality and effects created by Blueberry Headband make it popular in the medical marijuana field. Some of the positive effect derived from Blueberry Headband includes:
A controlled calming effect. Unlike some products that will overwhelm the senses, the Blueberry Headband will not. It will calm your mind, while giving it the opportunity to be creative and not lethargic.
Its usage still allows you to conduct your business. It will not turn you into a couch potato. You will remain active and get things done.
It keeps anxiety and nausea under check. This is another good reason why this strain is popular in the medical marijuana field. The ability to control anxiety and repel the need to throw up is greatly increased with Blueberry Headband.
The Blueberry strain creates a euphoric environment for the user. It lasts longer than any traditional medically endorsed marijuana. In other words, the careful blending to create this strain as placed the THC content at a level that keeps the user on a high for much longer.

Finally, the Blueberry Headband is said to provide an overall feeling of contentment and happiness for its users. For some, it even opens up a creative and artistic side to their personality. Overall, it is a pain killer that is highly requested by medical marijuana patients and all the other benefits are bonuses.

Photo credit: Symic / Foter / CC BY

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