A hybrid developed from crossing two of the most pleasing strains of medical marijuana, Haze and Blueberry, Blueberry X Haze provides a pleasant high and a sweet tasting smoke. Blueberry X Haze has built its own reputation by producing a comforting feeling, easing pain without producing an overly groggy effect. That is unless you overdo it, so be sure to pace yourself, or you will be headed off to dreamland.

While many hybrid growers have probably made at least an attempt to cross Blueberry and Haze, DJ Short is credited with being the original creator of Blueberry X Haze strain. Blueberry X Haze offers most of the positive effects of both its parents without most of the negative psychedelic effects of the straight Haze strain.

Blueberry X Haze has dark green buds with light-green highlights. Dark orange fibers extend outward from the buds with a light sprinkling of whitish crystalized HTC.

The taste of Blueberry Haze X is very soft on the pallet with a slight lemon-rind flavor with subtle earthy undertones. The lemony flavor remains on the pallet for some time, producing a very long finish.

The Blueberry Haze strain produces a light, pleasing and intensely inviting floral aroma that many users report as being reminiscent of Blue Dream. Of course that shouldn’t come as a surprise as Blue Dream, a cross of Blueberry and Super Silver, has genetics very similar to Blueberry Haze. When whole, Blueberry Haze X smells similar to a freshly-mowed lawn, but after it is broken down it produces a light lemony aroma with just a hint of vanilla.

The effects most commonly reported from smoking Blueberry Haze X begin with a relaxing state and nearly instantaneous improvement in mood, but with a sativa-like effect and upbeat, perky feeling. After a few puffs a very slight, but calm, overall buzz will rapidly spread throughout your entire body. This makes Blueberry Haze ideal for delivering relief from chronic stress and minor pain, especially after a long day at work. When used in moderation, Blueberry Haze can also be used before work as it typically doesn’t produce the sleepiness or heavy highs associated with some strains of medical marijuana. Blueberry Haze is also an ideal choice when dealing with depression or bipolar disorder, as it soothes without taking away your ability to function.

Strain Name: Blueberry X Haze
Type: Hybrid
Grade: B-
Effectiveness: Lasts 1 1/2 to 2 hours

Photo credit: Dr. Brainfish / Source / CC BY-SA

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