With so many mistakes in pharmacy and the prescriptions doctors have written out for pills throughout the years, herbs now take on a new meaning. Many people suffer from depression, ADHD, and sleep disorders. So many pharmaceutical medicines never worked for these patients through the years until research was done on medicinal uses of marijuana. There was a much controversy on this topic through the decades until Congress finally legalized this drug in the United States for medicinal purposes.

One famous strain of marijuana is BOG which is another name for BoggleGum. It is grown right here in USA on a farm for medicines only. It can only be sold through a prescription. This particular strain helps quite a bit in depression. So many pills from a pharmacy never helped many depressed patients when everything from Zoloft to Elavil to Zyban to Paxil never either helped only short term or never took effect. With the BOG strain, many depressed patients are able to function and perform very well. Many patients who could not work for many years because they could not perform the simple tasks of getting out of bed and eating breakfast are now off disability and working successful careers because of this strain of herbal medicine.

Many insomnia and sleep disorder patients who could not manage on prescription medicines like Lunesta and Ambien are now getting a full night’s sleep on this strain. They feel very refreshed while awake and never tired during the day. Medicines like Lunesta and Ambien also have dangerous side effects. Years of testing of this BOG strain has proven to be a very safe herb.

Then many adults suffer from ADHD which can be very non-productive and time-consuming to others surrounding them. ADHD sufferers are also at risk to themselves where they are unable to focus and sometimes too hyper to the point of risk of over-exhaustion. BOG has proven to be not only very safe to these patients but also a cure for this handicap. Now, many ADHD sufferers can focus and stay on task as well as multitask without being distracted. BOG also relaxes the ADHD sufferers so that they don’t get hyper and they can stay relaxed and calm.

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