The cartoon character Bruce Banner is a quiet withdrawn physicist who undergoes a striking transformation into a powerful creature known as the Hulk, with tremendous strength of body and mind. Finding its origins in Colorado, the Bruce Banner strain of marijuana, named for this amazing fictitious personality, has received a lot of attention. A hybrid of the sativa strain with energizing and uplifting properties and the indica for its relaxing properties, this strain offers both worlds to its users. It provides a powerful psychological high as well as having a beneficial effect physically.


The psychological effects of marijuana are attributed to the chemical THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). For the most part, the concentration of THC in marijuana found on the street is usually around 15%. Top notch marijuana averages 15 to 23% THC. Of the different strains tested, Bruce Banner #3, the third phenotype of this strain, is currently considered to have the highest percentage of the chemical, coming in with a concentration of more than 28%.


Bruce Banner #3 has a strong, sweet smell, and a few say it may make a user cough, attributing this to the high trichome count on the plant. Furthermore, it provides an initial rush (often within five minutes) so intense that some claim it affects their equilibrium. The rush from Bruce Banner comes on quickly, and then is followed by an energetic period in which the user feels productive and upbeat. Finally, it has a relaxing quality. With a peak approximately 25 minutes after ingestion, it can provide a number of hours of relaxation and there is no crash when its effects end.

Bruce Banner #3, is not actually looked at as a traditional pain relief option, but it does bring a reprieve from pain. The benefits include, but are not limited to:
• Fighting depression
• Fighting stress and anxiety
• Relieving pain (for migraines and more)
• Initially boosting energy
• Relaxing after initial rush
• Stimulating the appetite

Unfortunately, Bruce Banner is not readily available across the country. It is mostly found in the Colorado area and is not an everyday option in the eastern part of the United States.

Bruce Banner is often considered preferable for daytime use, and because of its high concentration of THC and its strong effects, a smaller dosage is usually recommended for first time users. It is, however, an effective and useful strain that demands to be investigated.

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