grow-weed-in-closetThe size of your grow room will determine many things, such as the total amount of plants you can have growing at one time. However there is no rule that says your grow room has to be a certain size. Grow rooms can be rather small actually. There are even a few advantages of having a small grow room.

Growing in a Closet

Closet grows are very popular and offer growers the chance to grow with less light. Since the space is small, the amount of light can be small as well. The real challenge with a closet grow is keeping the air ventilated. If it is an option at all you will need to create some ducts for air ventilation and have a fan moving air through that duct.

You can get Good Results from a Closet Grow?

The good thing about a closet grow is that it is inconspicuous and although the quantity of your yield may not be high, the quality can be. A closet is a great place to grow a plant through its vegetation phase since you can use fluorescent lights for this. Fluorescent lights are good for small grow rooms because they do not get as hot and require the ventilation of an HID light.

Even if you are using fluorescent lights do not think that you can close the closet door up and everything will be fine. You still must have fans going on the plants so they do not overheat. Even a fluorescent light can make a closet too hot.

Growing in a Tent or Grow Box

You can also choose to grow in a grow tent or grow box. These are some of the best examples of growing in a small space. They make grow tents that are quite small and grow boxes even smaller. This makes it easy to grow wherever you like in your house. The one thing they both have in common however is they require proper ventilation just like a closet.

In Summary

You can grow in a small room and a smaller space than that in fact. Closets, grow tents and grow boxes are a great way to have a 1-3 plants and focus on taking care of them. Although the quantity of your yield will obviously be lower, the quality of your yield can be good when growing in a small room.

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