Crohns disease is mysteriously becoming more apparent in our world. It seems like everywhere I go I run into someone talking about how they have been diagnosed with this disease.

Crohns is also notorious for being difficult to treat and even diagnose. Many expensive medicines are prescribed to Crohns patients, some costing tens of thousands of dollars each year. Now I have been noticing immune system suppressing pharmaceuticals being marketed directly to consumers on television.

Almost every Crohns sufferer I have talked to has a story about the run around they get and how little their doctor knows about this disease. Usually the doc throws a bunch of medication at a patient (usually with harmful side effects like respiratory infection) until something sticks, if nothing works they just use more medicine or perform surgery. Luckily for the aware Crohns sufferer there is a natural alternative.

Your body happens to have a endocannabinoid system throughout it, and the most concentrated area of receptors is located in your intestines, where Crohns disease effects most. Cannabis is a natural anti-inflammatory and has been shown to sooth Crohns symptoms and even put it into remission. The states where medicinal marijuana is legal will issue a marijuana recommendation automatically to patients with Crohns or colitis.

One of the best ways to get cannabis into your system with minimal effects from THC is to make a tea out of it and drink it down. The liquid goes right to the colon and gets there fast making it the most efficient delivery system. The tea can be made with an 1/8 of bud or an ounce of trim leaves. First take a dried ginger tea and ice it. Next grind up your cannabis and cover it in coconut oil. The oil activates the cannabinoids which need fat to bind to.

Then pour boiling water over the mixture and let it set for as long as you can up to 24 hours. After it has set strain the mixture with a cheese cloth, add regular iced tea and put it into a pitcher for single servings. You shouldn’t get too much of a buzz from this and the cannabis will be heading right to the place where you need it most!

Photo credit: Laurel Fan / / CC BY-SA

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