This particular strain of marijuana is a hybrid of cheese and Quirke and is available in three major flavors; cheese, pungent and sweet.
Medicinal value:
Besides the great high rich taste and flavors, it eliminates pain very quickly, hence brilliant as an anti-inflammatory option, also as a pain reliever. You can give a plus for the strong relaxing feeling that it provides as it can be utilize for patients with insomnia.
For caregivers having challenges tackling pain relief for their patients, challenges facing patients who have trouble getting rest and patients with physical injuries, this strain of medical marijuana is the remedy to all these challenges you have been facing. It possesses a high Tetrahydrocannabinol percentage of slightly over 19%.
Ease of intake/consumption:
This particular hybrid strain is smoked easily not only because of the multiple awesome flavors available but also because of the smooth smoke that has a favorable density. You will find its taste as acrid and funky, as mentioned earlier, you may describe it that way because it hints cheese, grape and other fruits with a sour smell. It possesses a high Tetrahydrocannabinol percentage of slightly over 19%.
Besides being smoked, Cheese quake can be vaporized. Once tested, you will be able to simply have it the form of a pill. You can still add it to your food since ground seeds can be blended into brownies or cookies.
Where to get the Cheese quake:
The cheese quake seeds can be bought from TGA subcool seeds, are a combination of sativa and indica genetically in the ratio 40:60. It delivers the kind of high that makes your head tingle initially then your body get one energetic stone afterwards. This strain is, just like other strains bought from TGA subcool, available as regular seeds. There, they are organically produced.
Due to its high demand, TGA occasionally runs out of this strains’ stock which explains how users have been changed positively, by the first use.
Facts about how Cheese quake grows:
If you ask individuals who have had a chance to grow this strain, they will confirm that it grows to a medium height, that it can thrive both in and outdoors and that it bears heavily. It takes an average period of 9 weeks to flower.
Given enough space, insecticides to control fungus gnats and overall attention, it grows like a tree and into a bush if the top is nipped. You can notice that it is rather easy to breed the cheese quake too.
Photo credit: Matthew Kenwrick / Source / CC BY-ND

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