There are dozens of different marijuana strains available for purchase, so individuals might feel a bit confused when confronted with all of the different options available. That is why it is so important to know the different elements of each strain and what to expect. The Chemdawg strain is an option that is different form other strains, yet is still favorably reviewed. Knowing what to expect from the strain though is going to ensure the person is able to receive the very best experience from it.

For starters, the Chemdawg strain is going to have a few different flavor and smell profiles. Primarily, it has an earthy taste to it, followed then by pine and a slight sweet aftertaste to it. The Chemdawg strain is primarily grown in the Pacific Northwest, with locations throughout Oregon, Washington and Colorado, although there are a few locations selling the product in Arizona and California.

In terms of effects the Chemdawg strain has on an individual, the most often reported feeling is euphoric, followed closely by happy. Creative and uplifted are other feelings that are heavily reported, as is relaxed. The effects are rather spread out, so it is likely that a user is going to experience some, if not all of these different feelings. In terms of medical effects, the top two medical uses for the Chemdawg strain are pain and stress.

Depression is treated with Chemdawg, but only about half the time as the other two medical issues. Insomnia and nausea are also areas where the Chemdawg strain can help, but there are other strains that would be better suited for these particular needs. More often than not, the Chemdawg strain is used to help with anxiety, PTSD, ADD/ADHS, spinal cord injuries and migraines.

In terms of negative effects, someone using the Chemdawg strain is going to experience dry mouth about half of the time (reportedly). Dry eyes is also a common side effect of the strain. Outside of this, dizziness, paranoia and headaches are negative effects that can come up, but these are not all that common, it just should be noted.

For the most part, the Chemdawg strain is a favorably reviewed strain of marijuana and most individuals are going to have positive results from the strain. From the earthy, yet semi-sweet flavor to the desirable effects and assistance it has with medical conditions, the Chemdawg strain is a very desirable strain.

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