The Chiesel strain of medical marijuana is a Grade A hybrid that is potent for an hour or so after being consumed. Created by combining the DNA of United Kingdom Cheese and the popular New York City Diesel, this plant is incredibly popular for patients on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, in part because it makes excellent hashish material.

Physical Attributes

Chiesel buds are a dull green color with curls of orangish-red hairs covering them. The dense hairs are accompanied by very sticky crystals that cause them to readily stick to fingers when handled. The dense buds are perfect for smoking or vaporizing.
Chiesel Smells Like…

It has a unique aroma due to the parent buds. Smokers note the distinct odor of cheese, with some comparing it to aged parmesan. In addition, the contribution of Diesel gives is the scent of gasoline. The combination is quite pungent and, those less familiar with the various strains may think it smells more like a deceased skunk than either cheese or gas. Many that find the scent a bit overwhelming quickly forget as they feel the effects of the aromatic bud.

Chiesel Helps with…

The most common medical ailment that is relieved through this strain is stress. Those with anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder also benefit from this medicinal herb. It is effective against migraines and other forms of pain. Those with attention deficit disorder, including those with a hyperactivity component, can achieve greater focus with Chiesel. Gastrointestinal disorders and lack of appetite are moderately treated with it. It is less useful in the case of insomnia or severe depression.

Patients using this strain report that it dramatically improves mood, making them feel more joyful and creative. An increased sense of euphoria and energy levels make is easier for patients to cope with chronic pain or stress. However, it does not have the same “spacey” high as the parent plants, instead leaving people with a generally uplifted feeling.


One of the most common complaints about this strain is that it causes an incredibly dry mouth. Due to this and the intense cough that can be brought on by consumption, wise patients keep a glass of water or other beverage nearby when smoking Chiesel. Eyes also become dry, making hydrating drops a necessity for many users.

This strain has been well-received by the public and is popular for individual and large group use.

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