Chocolope is a strain of cannabis that results from the combination of DNA Genetics’ OG Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze strains. Its genetic makeup is 95% Sativa, with the other 5% coming from Indica. It has an innately minty smell that combines well with the whiff of cocoa scent that manifests itself when ground up.

Smell is the sense that also contributes a good portion of the sensory inputs for taste and flavor, so Chocolope’s fruity and pleasant combination of mint, cocoa, and even mild citrus scents results in a smooth, flowery, and noticeably sweet taste not unlike enjoying something like a York Peppermint Patty.

Medicinal Uses of Chocolope

For customers interested in the strain’s medicinal properties, Chocolope is recommended to patients suffering from ADD, ADHD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, cancer, and migraine headaches. While it is an excellent treatment for stress and depression, it also has a mild to moderate effect on the user’s pain, nausea, and fatigue.

General Effects of Chocolope&lt

Those partaking of Chocolope noticed an overwhelming surge of euphoria, coupled with a steep drop in anxiety and depression. Other notable positives of this strain are that its users tend to also be happier, more energetic, and even more creative. Unlike some varieties of cannabis, Chocolope does not instill a feeling of indolence within the user.

Indeed, and much like when consuming a decent amount of chocolate, the increased levels of creativity and energy within are quite counterproductive to just sitting around. It should be noted that the general “buzz,” arguably a sort of sugar rush given the chocolate qualities, of this THC-rich strain tends to take effect with the same potency of its light bouquet. Unlike a sugar rush however, Chocolope doesn’t leave you feeling drained after using it.

Drawbacks and Negatives of Chocolope

The two most common negative traits of this strain are dryness of the mouth and eyes. Other common hang-ups, which occur much less often, are the occasional headache, dizzy spell, or fit of paranoia in rare instances.

Other Information Regarding Chocolope

Chocolope is available from proper dispensaries in both leaf and hash varieties. Regardless of how it’s administered, Chocolope is an excellent strain of Cannabis for anyone who feels like they’re running low on batteries. While its initial rush of energy is fleeting, the mental stimulation it inspires hangs around for a much longer period of time, making it ideal for time-consuming tasks.

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