When choosing a good quality bud to treat your anxiety, what should you look for?

First, consider the major differences between the two species most available to us- the Sativas and the Indicas.Sativas have a high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content that acts a stimulant. Thoughts are uplifted, the mind is awakened, and the mildly altered perception produced does not interfere with daily living. However, since Sativas have the effect of speeding up the mind, they tend to make anxiety worse and can also keep you up at night. Therefore, bud that is strongly Sativa is not the bud you want for reducing your anxiety. Some of the pure Sativas available are Lamb’s Bread, Head Band, Durban and Hawaiian.

Indicas, on the other hand, have higher cannabidiol (CBD) levels, which are very sedating. This results in deep relaxation and body numbness. Depending on the strain and the amount taken, Indicas will either put you in a deep sleep or simply relax you. The body numbness effect varies from an overall numbness where hardly anything is felt at all, to just a bit of pain relief. Clearly Indicas are a good choice for anxiety, especially at night. A few of the pure Indicas are Purple Indica, Twilight, Ingrid, and Afghan Kush.

But what if you need anxiety relief during the day? Medicating during the day poses an extra challenge because you could be mentally impaired due to the effects of the medication. This can interfere with basic cognition, as well daily activities such as driving or preparing dinner.

So if you need to medicate during the day for anxiety, your best option is probably a hybrid blend of Sativa and Indica. These blends add a bit of the Sativa alertness to the Indica sedation. Hybrids differ in that some are basically 50/50 Sativa and Indica, while others are bred to have one strain more dominant than the other.
Those higher in Sativa will be more cerebral in effect and are not overly relaxing nor sedating. Those higher in Indica will be far more relaxing to the mind and body, but you might not be as alert or physically active.Some common Sativa-dominant hybrids are S.A.G.E., Golden Goat, Lavender Haze, and the classic Maui Wowie. Common Indica-dominant hybrids include Purple Kush, Stone Mountain, Afgooey, Northern Lights, and the Cali Connection Bubba BX2.

As to what strain is best for your particular needs, there is not a single answer that applies to everybody. People are individuals and the guidelines mentioned here may not hold true for everyone. Also consider other methods of taking your medicine such as edibles and tincture.

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