Danky Doodle is a very indica dominant strain that is 90% indica and 10% sativa. Its parent strains are the Viking, KC 636 and Big Bud strains. The strain grows well in both indoor and outdoor environments. Danky Doodle only requires a moderately experienced grower to thrive. Unfortunately though, this strain is prone to mold problems, so a growing environment with low humidity is ideal. Under ideal conditions, the plant will grow to about five feet. The plant’s flowering time takes anywhere between nine and 11 weeks. Harvest time for this strain is around the middle of September. However, if grown right, the strain rewards the grower with big, potent buds. The breeder of the Danky Doodle strain is KC Brains.

The smoke itself is described as “thick, syrupy and fruity with a [hint of] spiciness upon exhale” (cannabissearch.com). Reviews on leafly.com said that the strain had a woody aroma, followed by a pungent skunk smell. The effects kick in rapidly but are not overpowering. However, the effects will linger around for a while with an enjoyable high. One consumer review said that the indica effects did’t kick in until about an hour, so it may be a creeper in a way. Overall, the initial high kicks in fast. The strain’s medicinal effects help relieve chronic pain, insomnia, nausea, anxiety, anorexia and muscle spasms. According to the reviews on leafly.com, the biggest medicinal benefits from the strain were pain and stress relief, with insomnia and anxiety coming in second place. The only two main downsides with this strain were dry mouth and eyes.

Because of its strong indica effects, Danky Doodle is the perfect strain for those who are stressed, in pain or have insomnia. It’s also the perfect strain for recreational use. The long duration of its effects make it convenient for those who aren’t able to medicate frequently. Overall, the strain is relatively easy to grow, offers great medicinal and recreational effects, and produces high-quality buds. The strain has been around for a long time and is still appreciated to this day. Its exotic and unique effects are responsible for keeping this strain so popular.

Photo credit: tanjila / Foter / CC BY

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