Germinating weed seeds

Germinating marijuana seeds is not that difficult. Do not make it harder than it needs to be by rushing the process and ruining the premium seeds you just bought. Many growers get too anxious and try to germinate their seeds too quickly. Are you making the same seed germinating mistakes?

There are only a few steps to the seed germinating process, do each step thoroughly and you will end up with stronger seedlings in a shorter amount of time.

Mistake Number 1 – Not Germinating in the Dark

Your seeds need total darkness as if they were under soil. This is an element needed to spark the hormones within the seed to start doing their job. Any light that shines through will inhibit the optimal germination of your seeds.

In order to achieve total darkness you can place your seeds in a damp folded paper towel. You can even go a step further and place the paper towel in a dark box.

Mistake Number 2 – Not Enough Water

Water is the other catalyst that sparks the hormones into action. Many people make the mistake of dampening a paper towel but not checking on it only to find that the dampened paper towel is all dried up. This is the fast track to losing your seeds.

In order to combat this make sure the paper towel you use is nice and amp but then put the towel in a jar with some water on the bottom. The paper towel should sit above the pool of water but the water below should evaporate enough to keep the paper towel damp. Also check in on it and don’t assume your seeds are fine.

Mistake Number 3 – Leaving the Sprouted Seeds Unplanted

The food inside of a seed is only enough to last through germination, once sprouted your seeds will need to be planted so they can absorb water and light. Leaving your sprouted seeds unattended too long will easily kill them.

You can check in frequently on your germinating seeds to assure that you catch them right as they begin to sprout. Once spouted plant your seeds into soil cups where they will go under a fluorescent light to become seedlings. At this stage keep the light far away from the seed cups. Let the plants poke through and develop roots before lowering the lights over your seedlings.

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