As the world makes further adjustments to accommodate different strains of medical marijuana, users are trying to find the one that best suits their needs. The fact that there are so many different strains available may be a little confusing to anyone who has yet to turn to this well known form of pain treatment, so let’s take a look at the Dutch Treat strain and evaluate its potential.


Anyone who has already been exposed to a variety of marijuana strains, will notice a striking difference with this one, if for no other reason but the smell of citrus that they are exposed to. Another difference is the taste, which can only be described as oranges and maybe even a little eucalyptus. The smoke is also strong, but will be easily adaptable once the pain relieving benefits have been realized.


As the name implies, the Dutch Treat Strain comes from Amsterdam and has been on the market since the winding down of the 1990’s. Considering the fact that this strain of marijuana is a heavier grade of hybrid, users should expect greater results on their body, rather than their minds. Although this strain of medical marijuana is great for certain ailments, it is possible for the user to benefit greatly from it in a social environment.

The advantages.

As a natural substitute for other prescriptions, this strain of marijuana has great potential to help address issues of,

●MS, which is a disease that affects the brain and the immune system.
●Individuals who have a high occurrence of migraines will usually get a certain level of relief.
●It is also great for people who are anxious all the time.

The Disadvantages.

Even with benefits for pain relief, we should expect that a few side effects will exist and here they are.

●Increased levels of paranoia, where the user will experience distrust towards others.
●Users may also experience bouts of dizziness.
●They should also expect an unrelenting dry mouth and even a dry eye or two.

The Conclusion.

After looking at both the advantages and disadvantages, coupled with the taste and smell, what more can we say, other than you should also expect a few social advantages to this Dutch Treat Strain. If you like the feeling of being happy, with elevated levels of euphoria, this Strain of medical marijuana may be right for you. Add that to being more focused to increase creativity and you have everything you need.

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