Ghost Kush, or Ghost OG Kush, has become popular on the cannabis scene with a general A meds grade from nearly all of its reviewers. It is an Indica Dom 70/30 type with a geographical location said to derive from the Afghanistan-Pakistan mountains.

It was first introduced in Florida in the early ’90s. It was passed from a member of a popular marijuana site to another individual who then distributed it to select individuals. It caught on with an increased public awareness for its potency, flavor and other favorable characteristics. It is considered a clone-only, one of the premiere cuts known in the world.

Physical Description

The structure is very hairy with an airiness that does not distract from its density. It possesses a crisp, adequately dried texture that when separated by hand leaves a noticeably stickiness. The color is predominantly mint green interspersed with orange. It has dense pockets of trichomes that range from amber to clear with numerous surrounding milky heads. The trim is a little ragged while the leaves remain stout and very fresh-looking. It has all indications of being meticulously refined, having little to no seed content. It contains resin-like droplets affixed to the calyx surfaces at the very tips of the buds.

Aroma and Taste

The aroma is sweet with hints of grenadine and anise, contributing to an overall citrus mix-combination that gives it a tart and tangy aroma reminiscent of a cherry-limeade aftereffect. It is not without a noticeable bite, a blend that would appeal to users of Haze and Trainwreck. Overall, the aroma is not overpowering yet it definitely has a distinction that harkens back to the original Haze and OB lineage.

The flavor does not clash or lessen in characteristics with the aroma, but compliments it surprisingly well. It has the sharpness of the OG lineage that is softened by the floral sweetness of Haze, producing a delectable balance.

The smoking experience is very smooth, unlike some harsher strains that would induce coughing or gagging fits. It retains its flavor well, past the halfway mark of a filled bowl. The ash product contained clean, light gray particles with small white flecks, indicating an excellent flush.


The effects of Ghost Kush are quite profound, working well on a medicinal application and that of a common social med. Smoking it through a bong could produce some overwhelming feelings of numbness and sedation. With normal cigarette or pipe consumption, it delivers a likable cerebral or light-headed feeling that does not come on with a pounding intensity but more of a mood relaxing feel.

It has the unique ability to energize thought in a positive vein, even producing laughter, yet does not heavily sedate the user to the point of sleep or passing out. The typical buzz is present as well as the facial constriction and slight numbness, but not in an intrusive sense. It can produce a heavy feeling, with the possibility of some hearing and visual distractions, which would be dependent upon the individual tolerances and quantity consumed.

It has a tendency to derail complex thinking, confining the user to solitary and internal stimuli. Fortunately, its potency does not incapacitate or take control—the experience is even, offering a pleasurable mental ride. It has a 2-hour duration for medicinal level applications and 3 to 3.5 hours for general usage.

Photo credit: Nickel Bag of Funk / / CC BY

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