For those that have already taken the drug, you know all about the side effects, both good and bad. In fact, Golden Goat has been used for medicinal purposes for a long time now. There are many who swear by the strain.

For those of you who are wondering if it’s good to take, let me give you some inside information first.

First off, it’s Grade A. The price is about $50 for an 8th. For those that have never taken it, it has a very sweet taste, especially when it’s smoked in a joint. The Sativa effects can be very heavy at times, especially during in the beginning. Some may get a heavy swirling feeling in the head, if they have never taken it before. This can be coupled with butterflies in the stomach and pressure in the eyes. Maybe a few headaches and the heart may race a bit. But once you get passed the initial potency, the rest of the time you are good.

The mental clarity and energy is unbelievably wonderful. Some of you may have moments of spacing out and lack of concentration, but those feelings come and then they go by quickly. When it comes to the reaction of the body, many of you might feel sluggish. What I mean to say, is that you will feel a desire to lay on the couch and just coast. Which is ironic, since your mind is racing with an increased energy.

If you take this drug, even for medicinal purposes, you will be a social butterfly, though you might spend most of it on the couch. You will be chatty and forthcoming with friends. However, you may want to reserve this for the daytime. Taking it at night, when most of us are trying to get some sleep, will be counter-productive.

Your mood will be raised and your appetite will be increased. Some of you may get the munchies. You will also get ocular attention and mild pain relief and relaxation for your body.

The overall time is about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. However, some may go a bit longer, but not by much.

It’s also recommended that because of the appearance the bag it comes in, you might want to take it easy with this one, at first. Don’t overdo it your first go-around. But overall, the Golden Goat is a good product.

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