Green Ribbon is a cross bred species of Marijuana that is usually a cross between the Green Crack and White Rhino strains. It is labeled as a 50/50 cross meaning that it should generally be weaker than a pure Satvia strain but it is still quite potent. What makes this strain truly interesting, much like any of the other potent kinds of Marijuana, medical or no, is it’s medicinal potential.

Green Ribbon Treats

Green Ribbon strain is often used in the treatment of general malaise and stress, anxiety and fear, pain and minor bodily aches, nausea, Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is often remarked that while Green Ribbon is not pure sativa it still retains all of the potent medicinal properties of that plant and, depending on the particular cross bred you obtain, has many of the relaxing and soothing properties of the Indian varieties of kush.

Average Cost of Green Ribbon

So how much does Green Ribbon Go for? That depends on where you get it from but generally most places that act as dispensaries for medical Marijuana sell it for seventeen dollars per gram or sixty dollars per eighth. So then what are some of the other effects of this fantastic little plant? Well the next thing that should be remarked is the, “Buzz,” length, or the duration that it will potently effect you for.
Green Ribbon Attributes
Green Ribbon is famous for having an exceedingly long duration of effect, usually two hours, though depending on the strength due the particular breed can make this even more. Also, the plant is widely regarded as having a very distinct and almost entirely pleasant smell, which is not always the case with Marijuana. It has been said by many to have a flowery scent that is comparable to the Cherry Pie strain and is scented with berry sweet and sour flavors.
It is these very flavors that often lead people to compare Green Ribbon’s taste to that of actual sweet and sour sauce. This is generally regarded as a positive, since most people like sweet and sour sauce. Additionally, when ground the scent of Green Ribbon is greatly amplified and brings out more of a flowery type texture.

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