The legalization of marijuana has allowed the birth of many hybrid plants. These medical strains have been populated to have the specific effects that are needed by those who are using nature for medicinal purposes. Native Roots is the creator of the custom strain that is called Griz Kush. In correlation with Root Cellar Genetics, they have created a hybrid that is getting rave reviews. Not only is it able to relax the user, but it also has amazing potential to increase appetite and stimulate creativity.

Griz Kush is A Blend of Two Amazing Strains

The hybrid has genetic components of Tangerine Haze and also Pakistani Chitral Kush. Named after the famous musician, GRiZ, he selected these two based on their intense flavors and the effects that it gave him. Users will notice that this blend has both an earthy and yet a citrus blend at the same time. This allows it to have energy giving aspects, but also allows relaxation too. The flavor is great for those who would rather mix their pot rather than smoke it. Since it has a citrus blend, this would be a great addition to many recipes.

Unique Smell and Taste

The plant itself is quite unique. It has purple coloring and has a tangerine smell to it. The flavors are a mixed combination of pine and oranges all rolled into one. There are some Kush undertones that cannot be ignored. Those who currently use this strain have said that they are prone to periods of euphoria that include laughter. Some say they are absolutely giddy at times. They are also noted to say that they have more creative energy during times of being “high.” Those who suffer with anxiety noticed that their cares drifted away, and their bodies went into total relaxation. It does stimulate the appetite, which is great for those who have medical issues that causes them to avoid food.

A Winner at the People’s Flowers Awards

Some say the plant has a lemon scent and not orange, but the citrus variation are noted. This strain is getting such reviews that it took home the price for second place at the Cannabis Cup this year. This sativa dominant hybrid is mostly carried in the state of Colorado, specifically around the Edgewater and Denver areas. Though it is a rather new crossbreed, it is certainly becoming quite popular for its ample abilities to help those with medical needs.

Photo credit: Brett Levin Photography / Source / CC BY

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