The Harlequin strain is a sativa dominate strain that is considered to be about three quarter’s sativa. The strain is considered to be a very good strain for treating pain, and it is very popular along the west coast of the United State. The Harlequin is a very fluffy strain that greyish green in color and it has a large number of red hairs. It tends to have large numbers of very small crystals.


The overall taste of Harlequin is a combination of a very woody taste that is very close to dried bark and it also has a very rich earthy taste. The strong tastes are counter balanced with a very sweet taste. The Harlequin has a very light taste of marijuana itself, and it generally does not leave a long-lasting after taste.


The strongest effect of the Harlequin is an overall sense of being relaxed in both a mental and physical sense. Persons who take it report a very strong sense of happiness. It tends to make persons focused, and so it is the kind of strain that can be consumed during the daytime. However, it is not a very good strain for extreme forms of mental focus or vigorous activity. The uplifting and spiritual effects of this strain are very minor.


The duration of this strain is reported to be longer than other strains, and it tends to have a long tailed effect where persons may feel minor affects for hours after consuming the Harlequin strain.

Medical uses

The principle use of this strain is treating pain. This makes it a very commonly prescribed kind of medical marijuana. It is very good at treating pain and stress. The strain is able to offer minor treatment for depression, headaches, and nausea. The medical uses of this strain are treatment of pain disorders like arthritis, migraines, PMS, back injury, and other kinds of conditions that tend to cause pain. The minor affects towards depression makes it a decent strain for treating bipolar disorder, and it is very good at treating anxiety. The Harlequin is a good treatment for stomach problems.

Negative effects

The Harlequin does cause persons to have minor dry eyes and mouth. The other negative effects are principally the things that this strain is not particularly good at treating. This includes things like not being that effective at treating insomnia, low appetite, and lethargy.

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