Green Goddess, a strain not to be ignored this bold beauty is not willing to come in second. A floral derivative of one of the most well-known strains of all time, she enters a refreshing new twist of an old faithful. Her parent the Skunk rolled onto the scene many years ago bringing with her all of cannabis pleasantries and then some. Green Goddess has proven to be an extremely competitive offspring, with something to prove. Not to be out done, this hybrid variety packs a powerful punch. The bouquet tells everyone around the new and improved has just arrived.

When searching for the right species to meet a particular need, there is certainly no shortage of opportunity. As with most things it is better to have little something that works than a lot of what is simply not getting the job done, especially when it comes to controlling discomforts that prohibit function in everyday life, and that is exactly what should be expected with Green Goddess. It would seem that since the popularity of cannabis has increased, the selections have become so overwhelming you need to smoke just to ease the anxiety of deciding what to try next. From pain relief to nausea; anxiety to an appetite stimulant, the range of discomfort can be leveled by choosing the right species. Green Goddess has proven to have the ability to reach across the aisle to all strain benefits.

Green Goddess offers relief from all the typical ailments that attract cannabis patrons. No matter the ailment she is able to offer a satisfying break from discomfort. While she can be praised for covering the basis, she is especially efficient when it comes to the incredible task of leveling out tension, whether it is muscular or psychological. She also offers a unique feeling of focus, which is not an easy find when dealing with other strains. Green Goddess encourages appetite which is necessary for many, and yet she is too polite to overwhelm those who have little difficulty in this area. An exciting addition she should be welcomed and experienced with high hopes of bold long lasting relief.

Photo credit: blondinrikard / Foter / CC BY

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