The Hawaiian Snow Strain has light orange hairs all over the light greenish yellow, very dense buds. It smells rich, sweet and spicy all at once. The taste is very mild and reminds me of pine oil. The first few hits are a bit sweet when exhaled. As it is burned, the taste becomes more musky. The high is felt after one hit. It is a heady brain buzz. The length of time this plant takes to mature is well worth the wait.

The Plant and Buds

The plant grows in the shape of a pine tree. This plant does well when the longer branches are bent rather than topped during growth. The leaves are thin and bright green before harvest time. When the buds are ready, they will show off their dirty, pale orange long hairs and a wonderful coating of sticky resin. The ripe buds themselves are kind of a light greenish yellow and packed densely. Buds from badly cared for plants tend to be darker in color.

Aroma and Taste

Before lighting, the bud has a hazy, sweet and savory scent. When it is ground the musky spice stands out from the sweetness. The taste when smoked from a bong has a slight pine smell. When exhaled, the minty sweet comes through. For those who are not really in to the sweet tasting bud, this one is perfect with just a hint of sweet.

The Buzz

When smoking Hawaiian Snow, the buzz comes fairly quickly. After one hit, the heady high begins, as the effects increases to a busy buzz that get creative juices flowing freely. This smoke is great if you have had a bad day. If you are feeling down, this is the buzz you need. It will elevate a bad or sad mood, gives a sense of well being, and lowers tension. It just may have you laughing a lot. The high will last a couple hours. This is perfect party smoke. Perfect for the end of a hard day at work or to start off the weekend with a bang.

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