Tupac Shakur said Lambsbread cured his depression that was brought on by high levels of stress. He championed the strain in many songs. Lambsbread is a sativa that originated in Jamaica. The strain is several decades old and is rarely found in the market place. Leafly, a top strain review site, writes,” [Lambsbread] A really bright green and sticky Sativa. Upon first look, you will know that there is something special about this herb. The effects have been known to give mass amounts of energy and positive introspection. Stress subsides quickly from the Lambsbread stone and can ease depression. The origins of this plant come from Jamaica and it has been reported that even Bob Marley himself has encountered this wonderful slice of cannabis genealogy.”

Kindreviews.com reiterates this notion, but goes into the history, saying, “The term “lamb’s bread” is common in the Rastafarian religion, mentioned in many Reggae songs. As a slang term, it is also common in Jamaica and simply means great ganja. Dutch cannabis seed banks have taken to calling the strain “Lamb’s Breath”, erroneously thinking that it was Jamaican patois being pronounced “bread” or “bred”.”

The only clear facts about its origin are that it is a Jamaican, landrace species and is sativa in genealogy. Lambsbread contains almost eighteen percent THC. This sativa was in use in a time that top grade marijuana was at 8 percent. It is the quintessential medicinal smoke, because the euphoric high and medicinal properties occur quickly. The CBD’s are a respectable 0.41 percent. This is important for those medicinal users that are treating other mental problems. It is also important for those who want their meds, but still need to function. This could be reason prolific artists and working people use this strain. It also has a reputation for a cerebral high. Chronic headache, migraine, and other head-related illness sufferers also endorse the strain.

Be careful because there is some confusion about the strain’s name. The website Medical Jane reports,” Just as there is a Lambsbread marijuana strain circulating around over the past few decades, there is also a strain by the name of Lambsbreath that is very similar in both effects (Sativa) and origin. Because there are different phenotypes of cannabis strains, it would make sense that there are various popular versions of the Lambs Bread strain.” This is medicine so it is important to use the correct strain.

Photo credit: Dank Depot / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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