How bad is weed for youThe answer about how bad weed is for you depends on who you ask. Osteopaths suggest marijuana to patients suffering from chronic illness such as Crohns disease. Many Osteopaths have more hours of education and experience than normal family practice doctors.

Some argue that smoking anything is bad and others argue that marijuana can impede a developing mind, so who is right?

Well the bottom line is that you need to make the decision for yourself. With people from each side saying opposite things, you should be your own scholar and research the topic yourself.

Are the Side Effects Bad?

Although marijuana may have some side effects, you have to weigh them against the benefits. Side effects of smoking weed are usually less apparent than the side effects of pharmaceuticals taken by millions of people each day.

Many people dealing with cancer will experience the side effects of many medications including those involved with chemo therapy. Now with cannabis oil being researched to fight cancer those side effects could be a thing of the past.

Marijuana Effects on the Developing Brain

The one area that is the least known about marijuana is how it interacts with a developing brain. There is a lack of research for obvious reasons. Not only has marijuana been illegal to possess in most states it would be very illegal to test it on the developing people, say under the age of 18.

Because of this marijuana should be avoided by young people with still developing brains. The exception to this rule may come from cannabis oil and its ability to treat devastating illness but that is still being researched as well.

How does Marijuana affect you Long Term?

There are some reported cases of mental illness issues later in life with the prolonged use of marijuana. There are however many marijuana users who claim to have used pot all their life without any such issues.

Most experts say that if you are prone to mental conditions over use of marijuana could bring them forward. However there is no evidence that marijuana directly is the cause of a mental condition.

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