Grow weed indoors advice tips
The perfect indoor grow room can be described as one that is easy to access but also easy to conceal. It is also one that has plenty of opportunity for ventilation and plenty of room for big plants. The perfect grow room will be kept neat and tidy and produce stellar medicinal marijuana.

The perfect grow room may be different for different growers. First it depends on what style growing you prefer. So you like to have tightly packed hydroponicly fed plants? Or do you like to have many large plants in a soil-less mixture so that you can walk amongst them. Maybe sea of green is more your thing. Every pro will have a different idea of a perfect grow room.

Plenty of Ventilation

When it comes to air movement every grower can agree that you will need plenty of it. Moving air is one of the biggest challenges when constructing a new grow room. Many people want a grow room in their home especially in the basement. However they forget to think about how they will get air flowing in and out.

Rooms that have easily accessible windows are usually risky for security reasons, even if you treat the air for the smell. This is a dilemma the constructer needs to solve but one thing is for certain, a perfect grow room has plenty of ventilation.

Space in your Grow Room

The perfect grow room will have space for clones, vegging plants as well as budding plants. Space also refers to the height of the ceilings. You will need to have lights and light movers so a low ceiling is not ideal for a grow room.

Although you can get good results from a limited amount of space, the perfect grow room will have plenty of room to work with.

Grow Room Security

The perfect grow room will give you the option of keeping your room a secret. Many private grow rooms are too accessible to house guests and could get unwanted attention. The perfect grow room will be easy to keep under wraps.

You don’t need to have secret doors or false walls, but the more you can do to divert attention away from your grow room the better.

In Summary

The perfect grow room requires space, security and opportunity for air to circulate. Ventilation cannot be stressed enough. If ventilation is taken care of, security and space are the next requirements when looking for the perfect grow room.

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