Everyone knows of Cannabis, and most of us are aware of the continuing debate over whether the substance should be legalized. It’s not a debate that’s going to be solved today or anytime soon, but, and this is an important point, medical cannabis has found a very important role in pain relief. This may lend weight to legalizing its use, but that’s a discussion for another day. What we want to know is how to overcome the intimidating road bump that is medical professionals and their possible bias against this clinically proven substance.

The best approach, as with so many things in life, is knowledge; arming the mind with the many positive uses for medical cannabis. Medical professionals may have a fixed image in their minds, and it’s difficult to get through that image, to show them that the medical use of cannabis in many states, including California, is legal though carefully controlled. It’s regarded as an act of compassion at a state level, using the substance, and recognizing the benefits it offers to those suffering from debilitating medical problems. Medical cannabis is known to reduce chronic pain associated with back problems, the nausea and discomfort that cancer sufferers endure, and many other forms of near unbearable pain. In doing so, toxic effects are greatly reduced in comparison with most painkillers.It’s an issue where medical experts continue to sit at opposite ends of the question, but there are several ways to overcome discrimination, intimidation and bias, and that’s by seeking out a holistic solution. Holistic osteopaths understand both the safety and efficacy of medical cannabis, and can recommend medical use of cannabis. The patient has to qualify, meaning their pain has to be debilitating and chronic, at which point a document of certification will be issued to the patient. It’s different for many of the qualifying states, sometimes I.D cards are issued, additional steps have to be taken before qualifying, but once qualified the patient can receive medical cannabis, relieving the constant pain they feel.

Holistic simply means a therapeutic approach where the entire human body is treated for medical conditions, and may include lifestyle changes as well as more traditional treatment. A Holistic Osteopath looks at the mind, dietary pattern, and many other parts that combine to make a whole. As a rule, they’re considered a good option as doctors who will give out medical cannabis certificates and recommendations.

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