Being the cross of a male Dixie Crystal and Sagarmatha Seeds’ Stonehedge mother, this strain of medical marijuana is considered to be grade A in the marijuana medical industry. The sample I received as a part of my treatment was of an average density with uniform green and pale orange hairs and tall trichomes. The edges were swelled and calyxes were bubbly giving the sample a high bud to leaf ratio.

Attributes of Ingrid

When it came to density, it had the best trich head size and coverage as well. The trichomes comprised of around 10 percent amber which indicated the perfect harvest timing. However, the aroma was uninspiring and had a pungent smell to it. It was strange and unbearable at first compared to other strains that I have tried so far. The weird flavor, especially when the sample is in pre-grind state gives a far greater spike than expected. Further, grinding the sample makes it even more stronger giving it an acidic odor but unique texture. Luckily, the taste is completely different from the appearance and smell. It is herby, palatable and somewhat comparable to sandalwood flavor. And the room is left with a menthol-like fragrance after a while producing no cough or bitterness later on.

User Experience
This strain produces a nearly dizzy effect as soon as it enters the head and other organs, lowering the eyes and raising the warmth of the body. Once the initial experience subsides, the excellent relaxation sets in thereafter urging the body to stretch and yawn in the process. It makes you stay that way for a good 3 hours or even more if you are trying it for the first time.

Overall, the medicinal traits of Ingrid strain include pain relief, tension relief, relaxations, ocula relief and sleep aid as well. There are hundreds of strains that produce similar effect but this strain by far is one of the best product for a long-lasting effect. Add to that the best trich coverage and medicinal benefits of the sample. My new favorite strain produces the type of discomfort that is nowhere found in other products, and it is relaxing both physically and mentally. Just 0.3g for novice patients and the drug will put them into an inordinate state during the onset. In addition, its efficacy is the reason behind its highest score as the effect preserves its state for a complete 3 hours without depleting the energy.

Photo credit: Stay Faded Photography / Foter / CC BY-ND

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