The question of ‘is weed hard to grow’ has a short answer, No, it is not hard to grow but it is extremely difficult to master. If you are interested in growing weed you must have wondered how difficult it is. That is really a loaded question and one that cannot be answered in one article. However what I will do is explain why this is such a tough question so you can make a better decision about which path you might want to take to grow weed.

First of all are you growing weed indoors or outdoors? That will play a big role in it. Also are you growing one plant or one hundred plants? From these two questions many others can be raised but let’s keep it simple.

If you are growing outdoors there are several strains that you can choose which will make growing much easier. Some strains are very resilient to disease and tough when it comes to environmental conditions such as temperature. These strains make growing weed fairly easy. The downfall is that you will only be able to grow these certain strains and when you try to branch out to other strains you will be hit with a wakeup call that not all strains are created equal.

Growing weed indoors brings on many trials and tribulations of its own. Along with getting the details of light, nutrients, CO2 etc. correct, you have to deal with cleanliness and pests. Countless times there have been stories of newbie growers bragging about their plants only to be weeping in their beer mug two weeks later because they had a mite infestation and lost everything.

There are so many variables that go into growing weed that it cannot be explained in this short article. If you are interested in growing weed because you think you can get rich quick or get a ton of bud quickly then think again. The marijuana plant is a very rugged plant which makes it easy to grow. However growing top quality bud takes years and years of trial and error based on experience. You can read all you want, but eventually you are going to have to put in the time. Marijuana rewards you based on the effort you put in.

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