J1 strain

Ja-Ja- Ja- J1

J1, also known as J-1, is a “top shelf” hybrid strain of cannabis with a high level of popularity. Despite its hybrid nature, its energetic traits are indicative of a sativa-heavy strain; specifically, J1’s high level of sativa comes from its heritage of Skunk #1 and Jack Herrer. This leaves it with a potent and clear buzz that makes you want to move around. The actual flowers are of an emerald green color and possessed of a strongfrosty citrus aroma much like its Jack Herrer parentage, with accents of rosemary. A single “serving” is good for anywhere between two to three-and-a-half hours. The smoke produced from use is very smooth and should not agitate the lungs of anyone passing into the room, even if they have asthma.

Medicinal Uses of J1

J1 is best consumed in order to relieve the person of stress or a bout of depression. However, it also has a mild-to-moderate effect on reducing pain, exciting the appetite, and counteracting fatigue. With these sorts of traits, it’s obvious why J1 is recommended for individuals suffering from anxiety, arthritis, bipolar disorder, migraines, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

General Effects of J1

J1 is an excellent blend to take for when you want to gain a sense of euphoria, happiness and/or a boost to your personal energy levels. J1 also offers a lesser boost to creativity and a sense of positivity.

Drawbacks and Negatives of J1

The most common negative effects suffered by those partaking of J1 include infrequent instances of dry mouth or dry eyes, followed by rare instances of dizziness, headaches, and/or paranoia. While some users may experience a noticeable acceleration in heart rate, that is just a signifier that the user is about to experience J1’s indicative rise in energy levels and have no reason to worry. A notable, nonphysical drawback of J1 is that its awesome benefits come with just as high of a purchase price.

Other Information Regarding J1

  • According to episode 29 of the podcast series Getting Doug with High, Doug Benson’s friend, and American comedian, David Cross is a huge fan of this particular strain of cannabis because he considers it to be an excellent strain for relaxing after work.

Photo credit: eggrole / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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