Medical marijuana is all about finding the best product and the one that works best. Many are realizing the potent ability of the Jack Flash mix. It is a cross between Super Skunk and Haze varieties and has very good strength. It comes in three flavor combinations earthy, citrus and pine. Those who have this used this variety find that the mind and body potency it provides is simply unparalleled. Because it is a quick hitting high, it allows a person to have a good time when using it for both medicinal and recreational uses.

The Benefits of Using Jack Flash

Those who use this brand of marijuana state that they are happy, relaxed, contented, uplifted and even focused. This strain is mostly popular in Colorado and Arizona, although it can be purchased in most areas where medical strains are grown. Many users describe the high as productive. It doesn’t mellow a person to the point of where they are unable to concentrate or accomplish any tasks; it just puts the body in a deep state of relaxation.

Though the flavor combinations it provides is not as high in reviews as other strands, the euphoric feelings it provides certainly is. This particular type is well used in patients who have depression, common headaches, constant nausea, chronic stress and severe pain. It is also known to be of great benefit to those who suffer from anxiety, Bipolar, PTSD and ADHD.

Side Effects of Jack Flash

Jack Flash does have some common side effects that are mild and hardly bothersome. Some people note that it produces dry mouth, which is common of any type of marijuana. Dry eyes are another common condition that occurs with usage. A small percentage of people will experience paranoia and anxiety, but typically it treats these conditions and doesn’t aggravate them. The most common side effect to using this strain is lots of laughter, and if that is a side effect, it is one most people want. The overall mood seems to heighten and be altered for the better.

Why Use Jack Flash?

There are many strains out there to choose from for medicinal purposes. Jack Flash is one of the unique blends that have been known to treat some of the bigger name issues. Not only will it treat common pain and headaches, but it also can help with Bi-polar, Schizophrenia and even Asthma.

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