The Jack Herer Strain of marijuana is widely used for its potent, and up-lifting high. This award-winning strain is named after the popular activist and author Jack Herer. It is a Sativa Dominant hybrid, and is commonly grown outside in an arid climate. The plant is allowed to completely mature before harvesting. This gives it many of its popular attributes including its fragrance, taste, and effects.

A Little About Jack Herer

The Jack Herer strain has been widely recognized for its resin production, and its energizing effects. The tantalizing aroma is a lovely tropical smell with a hint of spice. This well-liked strain has an uplifting quality which provides the user with focus, and creativity, while giving the user an energy boost. These qualities are delivered with a frosty, and earthy essence. Jack Herer marijuana is a popular mood, and energy boosting strain that has caught national attention. It has received many awards and recognitions, including 11 Cannabis Cup awards.

Medical Recommendations

The medical recommendations for Jack Herer are based on its natural qualities to improve the lives of many people. Its energy boosting and mood altering qualities are highly recommended for depression and fatigue. It is also suggested for patients with nausea, pain, and stress. This is a beneficial substance for people who are suffering from stress disorders such as PTSD, and chronic anxiety. It can also be helpful with pain, PMS, and arthritis. This strain has become popular with many people for its multiple uses.

The hybrid is highly Sativa dominant with a balance of Indica. This allows it to flower quickly, and give it the dense taste that has made it so popular. It flowers within 59-64 days, and has a large yield. It grows best in dry climates, and the best effects come from being grown outside where the roots are allowed to stretch.

Jack Herer is an increasingly popular strain of medical marijuana. Named after activist and author Jack Herer, this energizing, and focusing strain is recommend for a multitude of ailments. It is most hardy when grown outdoors in arid climates. This award winning strain delights the senses with a spicy tropical smell, and cool taste.

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