If Khalifa Kush were a canine, its place in the American Kennel Club would be assured. It has an impressive pedigree. This strain is a hybrid that was produced by “breeding” OG strains specifically for rap artist Wiz Khalifa. Supposedly only Khalifa has access to this particular strain, but others who have sampled it says that it is quite similar in aroma to OG Kush with a distinctive citrusy/evergreen scent and a smooth, sweet taste.

Khalifa Kush has been praised by users for making them feel happy (to the point of euphoria) and relaxed, while allowing to them to remain focused. While those attributes make this strain a good choice for users who need to remain functional and perform tasks, there are some side effects. The ones most commonly reported were dry eyes and mouths and dizziness. More minor effects reported by some users were “spaciness” and a tendency to be “giggly”. Overall sensations reported by users were ones of energy and relaxation, all at the same time. It appears that this strain is better for daytime use. Users did not report the same good results when consuming it as a nighttime medication, although some claim to have gotten good results using it to treat insomnia. Effects of consumption seem to last a couple of hours.

Khalifa Kush has been used most frequently to treat anxiety, ADD/ADHD, arthritis, cancer, and migraines.

Arthritis users in particular felt that use of this strain relieved pain in joints and assisted with mobility. Cancer patients also reported good results as a pain treatment, and it appears to be effective in treating the pain of severe migraines.
ADD/HD sufferers say this strain’s strong “cerebral buzz” allowed them to stay focused and complete assignments. Conversely, stress and anxiety sufferers said Kalifa Kush relaxed them to the point that in the words of one user, “I didn’t know where I was and I didn’t care”.

Photo credit: van_mij / IWoman / CC BY-SA

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