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Kushberry strain marijuana is popular with both newbie smokers and with people who consider themselves connoisseurs of the plant. The name implies that there are berries in the strain’s genetics. Yes, there are blueberries in this particular strain, giving off a certain fruity aftertaste that seems to have become very popular.

Kushberry plants are very sturdy and strong. The yield tends to be very good and this also makes the plant a favorite among growers. The strength of Kushberry has been determined to be a very high grade and useful for those with medical needs. The potency has proven to be useful for those with stomach issues and general pain associated with joint problems or other health conditions.

This plant flowers for 8 – 9 weeks and the yield is around 400-500 g/m² which makes it a top pick for growers. Kushberry is light green in color with a flavor described as ‘exotic’ and ‘fruity’ by most people. In fact, it is sometimes referred to as Blueberry Kush. Kushberry, or Kush, will grow well indoors or out. This is another reason that it is so very popular. Aside from being easy to grow, it is potent and tastes pleasant.

Why Is It So Good?

This strain is a genetic cross between Oregon’s Blueberry strains and California’s OG Kush. Kushberry has been said to have incredible strength and ability to dull all pain and create a sense of euphoria with users. Kushberry is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. OG Kush is known for elevating the mood and effecting the mental and emotional state. Blueberry is known for the pain relieving and muscle relaxation that is so very important for medical use. Those with medical issues such as MS or Fibromyalgia can reap the benefits of Kushberry. Similarly, it also works well for those prescribed medical use marijuana for ADD or ADHD.

Many medical marijuana users do not like the taste and for that reason, various types of crosses have been attempted to create more pleasing varieties. Kushberry ranks at the top of the list for new users because it has a very good aroma and flavor compared to other varieties.

DNA Genetics, who created Kushberry, suggests using organic soil for optimum growth and yield. Seeds are available so that this variety can be grown yourself. Please refer to local and state laws in regards to growing personal medical use marijuana. Each state varies.

Photo credit: Cannabis Culture / iWoman / CC BY

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